Websites That Look Like Work – Sneaky Browsing 101

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You need a break from work, but your boss is auditioning for the role of stealth watch hawk.

Thankfully, this is a common problem is a world focused on efficiency. So I’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a look at the best tools and ways to stealth yourself during your “workday”. 

Browsing Reddit through an Email App

MSOutlookit Screenshot

MSOutlookit is one of the neatest pieces of software for being a stealthy navigator of reddit. 

How to use it? I’ve highlighted the only section applicable for browsing. By default 8 subreddits are included under the inbox tab. Click the subreddit you wish to browse, and your “emails” are the posts. 

Once you find a post you would like, the threads comments open up in the right pane. After that, you’re set for sneaky browsing!

If you're a coder, use this site to make it look like you're coding will let you produce random code by hitting any keystroke. With the push of the button, you can look like you’re hard at work!

Browse Facebook while making it look like you're using an Excel Sheet

If you’re a Facebook addict, you can check out to get your fix. Browse away, while making it look like you’re using Excel.

TIP Looking Annoyed at Your Screen

I cultivated a skill throughout the years of being a miscreant, and it’s looking frustrated. If I tend to look agitated, squinting and like I’m moderately confused then my boss assumes I’m working.

So next time you’re in a pinch for time and want to look busy, give looking agitated a shot. It works!

Blue Collar Job? Always Be Carrying something

There was a time in my life that I thought a pipe fitter career was in the works for me. I went through a union test that amounted to basic addition and subtraction and before I knew it I was on a jobsite at an Intel factory plant here in Arizona.


The first thing the guys told me? Always be carrying something. From that point on I learned to walk around with a wrench. When you’re working ten hour shifts in a processor fabrication site, there are plenty of reasons to put this to use. 

By the way, it’s really cool to get to dress up in a suit and walk around expensive equipment. I felt cool at least.. 

Place a Half Eaten Food Item at your Desk

The assumption will be that you’re just off for a quick break. If you leave anything on your desk that is sensitive, it works all the same. You could try a burner phone as well.

No one leaves work without their cell phone right? Got em! There are plenty of cheap androids on Amazon for about 100 bucks if you work in a trusty environment. 


Unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to browse twitter in a sneaky fashion. So, if you’re a tweet addict I apologize. If you find someway to do this, let me know in the comments!

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