TaoTronics Desk Lamps Guide

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TaoTronics offers high-quality lamps that set some of the highest industry standards. 

If you are looking at desk lamps for their illumination, energy efficiency, convenience, controls, and overall quality, this brand hits home runs consistently.

TaoTronics Lamp Guide

So, let’s explore some of the best models from TaoTronics and their key features in this guide.

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Top 8 TaoTronics Lamps

The TT-DL16 is an elegantly designed metal LED desk lamp featuring six brightness levels, five color modes, a USB port, and touch control. 

Durability: It has durable metal construction and features a multi-angle head and arm that you can adjust to a broader range. This feature also makes it highly flexible. The scratch-free metal surface retains the looks for a long time.

Lighting Versatility: Whatever tasks you may have at hand, this lamp has a mode to suit it. That’s because there are six brightness levels and five color modes to adjust. 

Controls: Press a button, and you can set the light, the brightness, and color codes.

Illumination: The maximum available illuminance is 1200 lux when standing at 15.8 inches and a temperature of 6000-6500K. There is also a unique light guide panel that ensures that the lighting is transmitted sideways. It provides a glare-free experience.

Features: There is a 5V USB port for connecting and charging your mobile device, a timer with 60-minutes duration, a memory function, and night light function.

Memory Function: Find the ideal brightness, color, and temperature settings for reading or other tasks and save them as Favorite Light settings. Next time choose those favorite settings by touching a button.

Adjustability: Achieve the perfect angle based on the task at hand. That’s because the neck, base, and head are all rotatable.

The TT-DL19 a unique general-sized lamp for a wide range of tasks. This LED desk lamp also comes with an eye-care feature, USB port, metal construction, and brightness modes for versatility.

Durability: It is made of extremely thin aluminum alloy that is sturdy yet lightweight. This beautiful silver lamp has been designed to last for a very long time.

Lighting: This is a highly versatile desk lamp from TaoTronics. There are five different color modes and five brightness levels to set. So, it means you can set the perfect lighting mode for each task at hand – studying, reading something, office work, art, and crafts, or anything else.

Eye Protection: This lamp also has an energy-efficient panel that reflects light sideways. It reduces glare and strain. Furthermore, the result is flicker-free, natural lighting that doesn’t cause any eye strain. Get more illumination while protecting your eyes and keeping the electricity bill low.

Memory Function: It is possible to choose from the 25 combinations and have your favorite settings. Select the preferred setting with the feather touch of a button.

Controls: The lamp also features a touch-sensitive design that makes it a breeze to turn on/off and set your favorite modes. Moreover, it has a button-free, futuristic design.

USB Port: It has an iSmart USB port for charging a phone or tablet. Thus, it does more than illuminating your desk or room.

The TT-DL038 from TaoTronics  is a feature-packed lighting unit that comes with 25 lighting modes, USB port, timer, and a single wireless fast charger. 

Nevertheless, it can make an excellent addition to your desk, providing a flurry of features that make it a versatile unit.

Lighting: There are five colors and five brightness levels. The unique, time-saving memory function ensures that the previous settings get automatically restored. Besides, the lighting can be adjusted for your task and the light conditions around you. There is also a night light mode for soft lighting.

Charging Features: A USB port is further supplemented by a RAVPower HyperAir technology-based wireless charging base. Charge your Samsung or iPhone devices by placing them on the platform.

Controls: It has intelligently set touch-sensitive controls for more comfortable operation.

Timer: The 1-Hour Timer ensures that the lamp will shut-off if you doze off, thus saving energy.

The TT-DL036 is a beautiful white LED lamp that offers a lot more than you can expect under its elegant yet simple design.

Lighting: You can choose from 35 light settings. Also, there are five color temperature modes and seven brightness levels. Set the right lighting for your eyes and match it with the type of task you have.

Charging Features: There is a USB port for charging phones and tablets with 5V/1A capacity. There is also a Qi-enabled HyperAir fast wireless charging pad. So, it is compatible with a wide range of iPhone and Galaxy devices. Always keep your mobile device handy and charged.

Adjustability: You can easily adjust this LED lamp to the desired position for your lighting needs. The lamp’s arm can tilt 150° and swivel 90°, and the head can tilt 135° and rotate 180°.

Memory Function: Save a setting, and the lamp can restore it automatically every time it is turned on. Thus, it helps in saving your valuable time.

The TT-DL01 is a versatile LED desk lamp with up to 20 light modes. Some unique features include touch control, timer, USB port, and memory function.

Controls: This elegant TaoTronics LED desk lamp also features a touch panel for easy control. The touch controls make it a breeze to use.

Lighting: It offers four lighting modes for different activities, including reading, studying, relaxing, and sleeping. Then there are five custom brightness levels. You can also create just the right ambiance or lighting for the type of task you have or the atmosphere you desire.

Charging Features: The LED lamp provides a USB port that is compatible with different devices that can accept 5V/1A output.

Adjustability: The different joints can be adjusted to achieve optimal lighting angle and position. Note that the arm is rotatable up to 140°, and the base can be swiveled up to 180°.

Timer: The 1-Hour Auto-off timer will turn off the lamp if you doze off. Thus, it helps in saving energy.

The TT-DL27 lamp features 16 light settings, a wide lighting area, a high level of adjustability, and a timer.

It fully rotates to get you the perfect lighting position. There is also a USB port for your mobile devices.

Durability: The elegantly designed lamp has a durable metal arm with a massive base, which means excellent strength and stability.
Controls: It also has touch controls that allow you to set the lighting and modes with a breezy touch.

Adjustability: Everything, including the lamp’s neck, head, and arm, can be rotated to the full. Therefore, you can achieve the desired lighting angle and position with ease. Different joints can be swiveled, rotated, adjusted, and bent.

Eye Protection: LED lamps should not be harsh on your eyes. TaoTronics achieves this goal with this beautiful lamp by designing it with the LEDs lining the edge of the head. It may cause the softening of the light. Also, this LED setting is different from other desk lamps in that it doesn’t put all the LEDs in the center.

Lighting: There are four unique lighting modes to choose from, including Reading, Studying, Sleeping, and Relaxing. It also has four colors and four brightness levels settings, making it ideal for a variety of tasks. Moreover, the enormous 7.87-inch head can emit bright enough light to illuminate the space for any job.

Charging Features: You can charge your mobile device using the lamp’s 5V/1A USB port.

This silver TT-DL044 LED desk lamp from TaoTronics is a feature-rich unit with wireless charging, USB port, 25 light modes, and more. 

Charging Features: In addition to the 5V/1A USB charging port, it has a Qi-enabled wireless charging platform. The HyperAir technology charging pad allows you to charge a wide range of iPhone and Samsung devices.

Lighting: There are five color temperature modes and five brightness levels, allowing you to achieve the desired illumination for your task. You can adjust the light to suit the job while reducing strain on your eyes. The beam emitted is passed sideways to create glare-free illumination. There is also a memory function that sets the light to the previous setting.

Adjustability: The lamp arm and head are flexible, as they can be moved at multiple angles.

The TT-DL031 is a sleek, highly adjustable lamp.

Moreover, it offers wireless charging, 30 light settings, memory function, 1-hour timer, and more.

Lighting: There are five color modes and six brightness levels. Thus, you can set the light suitable for your application. It can produce up to 1100 lux of illuminance, making it easy to focus on the task at hand.

Adjustability: The lamp head can be rotated by 270° and the arm by 180°. So, it means that you can point the light beam to the desired location.

Charging Features: The Qi-enabled fast wireless charging feature allows you to charge your device by placing it on the base. There is also a standard USB port with 5V/1A output.


1. Do these TaoTronics lamps come with a warranty?

Yes, TaoTronics desk lamps come with 12 months of warranty from the date of purchase.

2. What factors should I strongly consider when choosing the right TaoTronics lamp?

You should look for the following factors: the lamp’s size, settings, and light position. You can also consider factors such as light modes, controls, and additional features.

3. Is the LED bulb replaceable?

The LED bulb is installed on the panel are not replaceable. However, the lamp comes with a long service life. If any issues emerge during the warranty period, you can contact the seller.

4. What do all the different lighting settings mean?

Kelvin, lux, and the different temperatures can be confusing(it was to me). So we tried to help with a guide, here

Top Pick

The TaoTronics TT-DL036 is our pick for the best lamp from the brand. That’s because it offers almost all the features you can find in other models. 

Besides, it also provides 35 light settings, the most for any model. It is also easy to use this lamp as it offers more comprehensive adjustability options. 

It’s elegantly designed and complements almost any desk, at home, or at work. It can be set in different positions to illuminate the desired area on the table.


TaoTronics offers a series of desk lamps with exceptional features. You can find just the right lamp based on the type of tasks you need to complete regularly. Some units come with the wireless charging feature, but almost all have USB charging ports. 

The brand has built a reputation for reliability and quality over the years. So consider any of these top 8 lamps based on the features and functions that make the most sense for you.

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