Should You Get an Office Plant?

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Are you sitting there, mulling over your office and how to make it not so.. officey? Yes, I’ve been there too. In fact, sitting in an office doesn’t have to be a white walled asylum. 

If I had known that one simple addition would make me feel alive again I would have done it much sooner.

Peace Lily Office Plant

But, I’m stubborn, and those people raving about adding plants or other living things to your office weren’t my type. I’m not an early adopter. I’m a late to mid. So, several years down the line I gave in, and gave it a try. 

That’s when I got my Peace Lily, Gretchen. When I first got Gretchen I was a little hesitant. I can’t even take care of myself, how am I supposed to water this thing.. weekly. But, if you’ve ever seen Castaway you know how important Wilson is. Gretchen has become my Wilson. 

In Star Wars they talk about Midichlorians in all living things. That’s what gives life to the force. Well, for me I can look at a motivational poster all day long and still feel dead inside. 

It’s just a poster, with pretty colors. But Gretchen, DAMN. Gretchen has something to offer. I still can’t place my finger on it. Why does having one plant make me feel so great? But it does. 

So, if you’re thinking of getting an office plant there’s only one answer I can give you. Go do it. Give it an old name though, it adds some soul to it. 

If my blurb wasn’t enough to convince you, let’s write out some benefits of having an office plant. 

Benefits of Having an Office Plant

1. You get to take care of something. Something that you have an attachment to.

It feels great when you see those leaves drooping a little bit, and you bring your buddy back to life with a healthy dose of h2o. When my plant was feeling droopy I jumped to attention. She’s now on a weekly watering schedule, not too much and not too little. That’s how a Peace Lily likes it. 

Additionally, when I saw she had a brown leaf I found myself frantically googling for solutions. The beginning of the end? What could it be?! Well, I went on a tear. That’s when I realized I’d grown attached. 

2. You get a new friend

Yes, your college friends have moved away. Also the girl who was the party animal now has 4 kids and weekly Bible group. It happens. Your plant is always going to be there though. You guys will be pals until the end of days. 

You might even be tempted to add more plants. It’s in my plans for sure. Someday I’d like a little jungle thing going on inside. I’ll have to get to that sometime.

3. Your Plant Adds Color

There is now life, and color in your living/working space. And it’s not paint! It’s real, salt of the earth breathing color. That’s pretty cool.

4. Your Plant is a Purifier 

You have a couple options, you can get an air purifyer for your room. The machine that goes about it’s task consuming energy, made of plastics and other materials. Or you can get your plant bro to purify the air for you. 

It’s a simple choice. 

5. You Get to Brag about your Plant

While Suzy is telling you how her kid won a gold star, you can counter. Your plant sprouted a new leaf. What does her child kicking matter? You have something that added life and goodness to the galaxy. CLEAR WINNER. 

Houseplants for Your Health

Hopefully I’ve convinced you why you should get a plant. Better  yet, it should be a Peace Lily! Actually there are a lot of great plants for indoors. I chose a Peace Lily because they thrive in low-light settings. Since I have a screen on my window it wasn’t ideal to get other varieties. 

If you end up getting your own plant for your office or home, let me know 🙂

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