The M330 Silent Mouse Review – Click Like a Ninja

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If you’re looking for a silent mouse at an affordable price, I would fully recommend considering the M330 Silent Mouse

I’ve been using it daily for about two months and here’s the quick rundown. 

I made a video review of this product below, but have also summarized it in this guide along with competitors if you’d prefer to read!

  1. It’s light. It feels extremely light in my hand. I’m not into gaming anymore, but this feels like it could potentially be a great gaming mouse because of how well it moves. When I had an EC2A(meant for gaming) the cord would be like a ball a chain. 
  2. It’s relatively inexpensive. Price fluctuates so much online that I can’t tell you exactly how much it will be when you look at it but for me it was about 20 bucks. I had paid 60 for my previous mouse and ended up liking this one better.
  3. There are only three buttons. This isn’t meant to be a positive point! It’s a nitpick of mine for the mouse. I had gotten so used to being able to click forward and back on my browser through my previous mouse that this has taken some getting used to. If it had this feature I think it would be perfect. 
  4. This will work for palm or finger clickers. If you didn’t know, people tend to hold a computer mouse in two different ways. Some lay their palm flat, and others point their fingers vertical. This seems comfortable in either position from my testing. 
  5. One battery will last it for two years of average daily use. I’m not even sure how that’s possible when my phone needs to be recharged every 4 hours it seems. But you likely will have to change your battery once or twice during the entire lifespan of use. 
  6. It’s quiet! This is the one you’re here for. This mouse is extremely quiet, it’s not just a sales pitch. In my youtube video review of this product I tried to get as close as I could so you could hear me clicking. It barely picked it up on the video. The noise is very faint on everything but the mouse wheel. I would say the mouse wheel is about average clickiness volume. Previously, I used to be able to hear my old mouse clicking through my headsets. This went  to the complete opposite end of the spectrum.
  7. This uses a wireless receiver. You plug it into your usb port and then you’re good to go. But, if you’re short on extra ports that could be a hassle.  

I wanted to give you guys a look at the competitors here for quiet computer mouse. The only product I have personally bought and tested is the M330. But here are the popular competitors that I will hopefully test someday. 

The M330 Competitors

1. VicTsing Wireless Mouse, 2.4 G Slim Cordless Mouse with Noiseless Click, Computer Mouse with Nano Receiver for Laptop, PC, Computer, Notebook, Mac, Black

This is the best selling of the lot. The VicTsing Wireless mouse is extremely affordable too. 

It’s a wireless option with 4 colors to choose from. Customers seem to love it and from what we can see it’s a great value. 

2. Wireless All Button Quiet Mouse - Emopeak 2.4G Silent Laptop Mouse with USB Receiver - Noiseless Portable Computer Mice for Notebook, PC, Laptop, Computer with 6 Buttons 3 DPI

The aggressively styled silent gaming mouse by Emopeak is the competitor that peaked my interest the most. 

It has wireless capability and more buttons than any other option. And it’s also much cheaper than the usual gaming mouse!

3. ShhhMouse Wireless Silent Noiseless Clickless Mobile Optical Mouse with USB Receiver and Batteries Included

The ShhhMouse is branded to let you know its unique selling proposition. This was made for one thing!

There are 4 colors to choose from, but I personally am not a fan of the styling. 


Logitech is a big brand that has built a reputation over years of creating quality products. This mouse is no different. Hopefully these points helped you make up your mind on a purchase.

There are a few competitors, and they even tend to be less expensive than Logitech. But, for a few bucks more I’m happy with the build quality of this unit. 

If you have any recommendations or something you’d like me to review, let me know! I like hearing from readers. Thank you for stopping by!

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