How to Stay Alert at Work – 3 Easy Steps

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If you’ve been finding yourself nodding off lately on the job, I’ve got some tips to help you power through the day. 

Let’s take a look. 

tips to stay alert at work

1. Get Enough Sleep

No tip, trick, or activity will matter if you skipping this all important requisite to staying awake. If you’re skipping this part, you’ll have to pay for it with a sleep debt

Ways to improve your sleep quality include

  • Have a routine – start brushing your teeth and getting everything ready at a certain time. Build this association with a mind body connection. 
  • Turn off screens – Your brain responds to light. The less artificial light the better. So try to turn the phone off and any technology at least 30 minutes before you plan on sleeping.
  • No snacks – No sugary sweet substances a few hours before bed.

2. Switch out Stimulants for Exercise

Our bodies build tolerances to every stimulant after a while. I’m sure you’ve noticed that it might take two cups of coffee to get the same buzzy effect that one gave you before. There are plenty of people who only drink coffee to drink it, because they’ve gained a dependency. 

If you really want energy that lasts, consider exercising. This will be a slow and painful transition(not gonna sugar coat you). But, when I went from crushing energy drinks and coffees to running I was able to feel the benefits in the workplace.

It’ll take a while and this is a kind of New Years Resolution type resolve, or maybe you’re just sick of depending on coffee like me. It can be quick and painless as well. 

3. Hydrate until You Become a Human Fire Hose

I’ve always loved little breaks from work. But, I’m not a smoker. What’s the next best thing? Well, you could be that person that is always having to pee. Yes, this illustrious title could be yours to hold dearly. 

All the while benefiting your health. A lot of us don’t drink enough water, and if that sounds familiar you can kill two birds with one stone. Drink water like it owes you something and pee like Niagra Falls has competition. 

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