How to Listen to Music at the Gym – Your Options Explained

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Getting to the gym is a great lifestyle change, but staying there consistently is the most important part!

If the rehashed playlists at your gym are starting to make you pull your hair out you are going to want the power of choice.

I got into the same situation myself and was out of the game for so long that I had to do research on all the options.

What is this Spotify? Are MP3 players still the thing? Bluetooth headsets?! Well, let me share my findings with you to help sort out the fluff. 

How to Listen to Music at The Gym

The Best Ways to Listen to Music at the Gym

  • Mp3 Players
  • Mp3 Watches
  • Spotify + Your Phone(uses data or wifi)
  • Spotify Premium + Your Phone(download your playlists first, you don’t even need data for this option)
  • The Mighty Player 

These are the most popular ways to connect. With the most popular being Spotify, but that’s not always the best option for people. Plus it requires you to have a phone on you, phones are heavy-ish. There is one exception to that, if you use a Mighty player. 

As for headphones, you can use the regular wired or a Bluetooth option. Bluetooth is going to be much better for workouts, just avoiding the wires is a lifesaver. But, there are a lot of cheapo brands out there to stay away from.

Let’s look at the ways to get the music onto your devices. 

1. Download MP3s and Load them On MP3 Players

The tried and true oldschool method. If you don’t mind downloading MP3s you can still do this. Sure, you might be doing what people did in the Napster era but it still works. 

The main markets for purchasing music include iTunes and Amazon. 

Once you legally(hopefully) obtain your music, then you get to the fun part. Picking your MP3 player. Personally, I like lightweight things and even carrying my phone is too much to handle. Which brings me to my next point!

2. MP3 Watches

Ahh yes, my dearest MP3 watches. An idea that has been around for ages but the options on the marketplace have steadily improved. You can spend under 50 bucks to get a decent one of these.

If all you care about is the gym or going for a run, then you won’t need a bells and whistles option. There are bare-bone devices out there that still connect to Bluetooth. Which is how you’re going to pair to your headphones in this case.

3. Download Music from Spotify directly to your phone

Requires Paid Subscription

Spotify has made itself a Goliath on the marketplace for options like this. They somehow got all the messy legal stuff sorted in the music industry and now you can  just download music from Spotify to your phone. If you have a paid subscription. 

There won’t be ads in this case and it’s pretty convenient. But, you only possess the music while you have the subscription. And it must be accessed within their app. You can set this up so you don’t need data for it. 

In fact, if you have an old phone lying around you can download Spotify and use it for your music player. All you need is WiFi to first download the songs, and then your phone has become your music device.

4. You Could Purchase the Mighty - A Spotify Playlist Clip on Device

There is a specific MP3 player made to work with Spotify on the marketplace. It reminds me of the iPod shuffle. 

What’s good about it? 

You can load up all your songs on it before heading to the gym. So you get a very lightweight device that integrates with your Spotify Premium music. 

What’s not good about it?

It’s kind of pricey for what it is. It also has no screen. So you’re at the mercy of your playlist, which when life is busy can be left unchanged for a while. 

What are my Options for Streaming Services?

Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora Premium, and Apple Music. 

You won’t own the music on Spotify as we’ve gone over. They have both a free and paid version, just like Pandora. 

Your Gym Setup

Currently the best options for gym goers in terms of ease is going to be getting a Spotify Premium subscription and hooking it up to your phone. 

If you want lightweight, I suggest getting an MP3 watch but this only works if you have the music to load on to it. You need to own that music or have a way to download MP3s. It can be bought through Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, or other options across the web.

I hope this guide gets you started on listening to good stuff at the gym. If I helped you, let me know in the comments. 

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