Essential Oil Diffuser vs Candles (What’s Best?)

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Have you been taken over by the essential oil tidal wave of what’s IN right now? It happened to me. 

Cornered by overly enthusiastic co-workers I felt very vulnerable. I was drowning in pure Lavender and they told me it’d change my life!

I’m a naturally curious guy, and I went ahead and bought myself a diffuser along with essential oils. So let me give you the rundown on the differences and what might be best for your room or office

Benefits of an Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffusers are Modular. I love that word so I use it every chance I get. What I mean by modular is that you can mix it up and add whatever combination or oil you want to it.

Very cool yes? I thought so. I purchased a pack of 8 essential oils and gave it a go. It works just as expected.

They are Safer than Candles. Yes, your cat who comes alive with demonic excitement at seeing a flame will have no power here! Diffusers run off electricity and the output is water. Much safer but not as captivating as a flame.

You can increase the scent or lighten it. The strength of the fragrance is in your hands once you get a bottle of your favorite essential oil. Add as many or as few drops as you’d like to your concoction.

A cool side effect is you kind of feel like a chemist when you’re doing this. I imagine myself as Snape from Hogwarts cooking up a new way to thwart Harry Potter. 

They are a better value for your money. You can shell out a lot of cash on a candle. Even the “cheap” candles can run you ten bucks if you want it to actually smell like something. With a diffuser, you’ll enjoy scents for less. 

Negatives of an Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffusers have to be near an outlet. This was something I didn’t think about at first, but I realized as soon as I got my diffuser. There was a spot I had figured would be perfect for it but I was limited by the length of the cord. 

Where your candle can go, this cannot! So think about where you want to place it before you get it. 

Mine Gave me a Headache. I tested this on three occasions. The longer I had my diffuser running in my room, the more likely I was to get a headache. I rarely ever get headaches(knock on wood) in my life, so I direct this symptom specifically to the diffuser.

I’m still not sure what it is about it that could cause a headache and I’ll be testing it more in the future. Eucalyptus is the oil I usually use. 

If you have cats, you might want to hold off. Here is a well informed article written by a Veterinarian. The summary is that there are a plethora of oils that are bad for your cats health.

The droplets in the air contain these oils and can be easily inhaled. So it is not the best idea to have one if you want to be good to your kitty. 

Benefits of a Candle

A More Pungent Smell. Candles are tried and tested. For more than 5000 years we’ve been using these to light up our lives. In the therapeutic sense, they’re lovely for relaxation. When I compare a candle to a diffuser there is a clear winner.

If you add too many drops to a diffuser you know you overdid it. A strong candle is just.. good. 

They’re super duper pretty *bats eyelashes*. For the sake of my masculinity I want you to follow some very specific rules. You must reread that point and imagine it came from the guttural depths of a Viking Warrior. Okay, thank you.

But really, candles are pretty. My off-white diffuser doesn’t have the charm that a candle does. Plus, I love playing with wax and potentially burning myself.

Low-Maintenance. Burn and go. There is no refilling, or overthinking what thing you will be using today. They’re just low-maintenance. You get closure from the beautiful time you spent with your candle. Until it deteriorates into a waxy pile of clumpyness. 

Negatives of a Candle

Expensive. Okay, I should not have to take out a 2nd mortgage to get like 10 candles. I get that they’re made out of wax and other magical things but DAMN candles are pricey. I remember seeing some at the dollar store and giving them a shot.

You get what you pay for! They didn’t smell good or bad, there was just nothing. I’m sorry but I need my candles to stand up in what they believe in and choose some type of way to smell. Thanks. 

They’re Firey. There is always a potential for you to forget you left your candle going or something like that. It’s a very small reality but if we’re making these comparisons it’s a fair one. With a diffuser you won’t have to worry about a fire as much as you will with a candle. 

You can only burn one at a time. With a diffuser you can empty out the water with the old oil and switch to a new one for the night. There is no guilt there because it’s just like oil water. 

With your candle, once you’ve lit it there is an unspeakable bond. You’ve entered into an agreement. You will burn this candle and only this candle until your contract is done. You better not go starting other candles and switch it out!

Maybe I’m the only one who feels this way. But, once I’ve started my candle burning I feel an obligation to see it through to the end. In waxness and it smelth. 

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