Ergonomic vs Gaming Chair – Pros and Cons

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The commander of any battleship needs a nice comfortable chair to park their behind in. The question for you is, which type do you want?

Gaming chairs today have taken on a certain appearance. You probably have an image in your head just from the mention of it. 

A racecar style of seat. While ergonomic chairs are meant for comfort. They both have pros and cons, so let’s compare and see what might suit you best. 

ergonomic vs gaming chairs

Gaming Chair Benefits

1. They look cool

You want to be stylish when you’re clicking away and trying to snipe someone in the newest FPS. Getting into the zone is all about feeling good. It’s why when I’m wearing a suit I suddenly feel super sexy. 

Your chair is just an extension of sexiness. So, while it’s a vanity metric it also matters. It pays to feel good at your battle station.

2. That’s all there is to it

Really, number one is all there is to a gaming chair(lol). They are generally overpriced for what you get and marketed to get more money while providing less value. If you want a good chair that you’ll feel comfortable in for a long time I suggest NOT getting one.

Which brings me to the next question. 

Are Gaming Chairs Worth it?

No I don’t think so in most cases. There are exceptions to every rule and some well made gaming chairs out there of course. But, as I mentioned before it’s mostly marketing fluff. 

Ergonomic Chair Benefits

1. Your Back Will Thank You

Having owned both types of chair for around the same price range, an ergonomic chair is going to be much better on your back.  It doesn’t matter how cool something looks when you’re sitting in something that feels like bricks with a thin padding over it. 


2. They’re a better value

Some ergonomic chairs can be very expensive to be fair on this. But, I see a lot of gaming chairs in the 150-200 price range without proper lumbar support. If you’re a serious gamer, take that 200 and put it towards a chair in the 300 dollar range that will last you much longer.

3. They breathe well

If you see all the faux leather on gaming chairs it might not hit you at first, but during summer they get pretty hot. One of the big differences between a gaming chair and an ergonomic chair has to do with the padding.

Most ergonomic types will use a mesh backrest and this is a great thing. During the summer here my back isn’t peeling off the seat and I’m perfectly comfortable. If you’re thinking that padding from a gaming chair is going to feel better, I can see why.

I thought that too. But, I guess padding doesn’t really matter. The mesh kind of “holds” my posture in place and feels better to me. 

The Verdict

An ergonomic chair is almost always going to be a better value. This is my opinion due to my experiences, so take it with a grain of salt. If you really REALLY like the look of a gaming chair, by all means, go for it. 

There are still plenty of well-made gaming chairs and they might suit you better than an ergonomic option. A big drawback from ergonomic chairs is how expensive the really good ones are.

You can snag a decent one for pretty cheap, but if you want something made by Herman Miller your wallet is going to be in pain. They are beautiful though. With whatever you choose let me know how it worked out for you in the comments. 

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