9 Desk Gadgets for Engineers

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Desk gadgets are a fun way to be able to think through problems, relieve stress or simply have a little break from your daily routine. 

For engineers, there are some great options that will allow you to build, create and enjoy physics in action. 

Here we look at the best gadgets for engineers that will help you to get through the day.

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LiKee Magnetic Sculpture Magnet Building Blocks

These magnetic blocks by LiKee are a brilliant option for any engineer. They will allow you to create any structure you wish with limitless shapes available.

 It makes them great for relieving stress and keeping your mind ticking over. The bits are small and therefore easy to lose but they will keep you entertained for hours with the strong magnets.


Sunnytech Low Temperature Stirling Engine Motor Steam Heat Education Model Toy Kit

Stirling engines can use a heat source to create a working engine that is brilliant to watch and to play with. 

The heat source in this instance will simply come from a nice cup of coffee. 

Sunnytech’s Stirling Engine looks brilliant and works very well, with plenty of color options available. It can be a little noisy which is good to bear in mind but it’s still a brilliant little gadget. 


Acacia Grove Mini Cinder Blocks

These mini cinder blocks by Acacia would be the perfect gift for any civil engineer. 

Being able to play with accurately made cinder blocks not only is a great stress reliever but it could even give you some great ideas.

 The pieces are quite small and they can chip away and get dust on your desk but that’s only a very minor issue. For most people, they are a great plaything to have on your desk.

Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit

There are a few different Leonardo da Vinci gadgets out there but this iteration by Pathfinders is perhaps the most fun. It performs like a real catapult and is easy to assemble. 

You’ll have to make sure you’ll be allowed one in your office but if you are, it’s put a smile on people’s faces as they will be desperate to play with it. It’s a bit of harmless fun and a great little catapult.

Decodyne Math Wall Clock

Math is an integral part of any engineering discipline and this wall clock has equations for each hour instead of the usual numbers. 

Decodyne’s clock will make some shudder in terror and others jump with joy. 

It’s not the highest quality of clock you’d find but it is good enough for any desk. It has a great design and will be able to accurately give you the time. If it’s not too large for your desk then it’s going to be a great option.


BOJIN Newtons Cradle

If you were to ask anyone to name a desk gadget, Newton’s Cradle wouldn’t be too far away from their thought. 

This version by BOJIN has that classical design with strong metal balls and also durable nylon line with is stronger than many other models.

 It doesn’t have the longest of swing times and it could also be potentially annoying for other workers. The high build quality and great design, however, makes it a great desk gadget!

Samisoler Kinetic Stress Relief Desk Toy

The classical spinning top is another well-known desk toy but this is a much more advanced version of that.

This kinetic toy by Samisoler makes an optical illusion when you spin it which is mesmerizing to look at.

It’s extremely well made but it can be a little stiff when you first start using it. The brilliant gadget comes in three colors and you’re not going to be able to leave it alone!

Yosoo Aluminum Alloy Wheel Gyro

This gyro by Yosoo is a brilliant piece of physics that is dangerously addictive to keep spinning.

It’s only available in yellow but it will sit proudly on your desk for whenever you need to take your mind off work. 

It is made from only the highest quality materials and should last for a long time. It’s a great little object and one which will amount to a great deal of fun. 

AblueA Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy

This magnetic sculpture desk toy is available in a wide range of different styles which will allow you to get one that matches your style. 

AblueA decided to give builder types something different, and they achieved it with this unique gadget!

While most of the buying options are great, some customers have complained about the butterfly model not staying up. Other than that it’s a great gadget and one that is very high quality.


Q: Are These Office Appropriate?

When you’re in an office you have to be mindful of what your boss will allow while also being considerate to any other employees. 

There are gadgets such as the Stirling Engine and Newton’s Cradle that can be quite noisy and might not be suitable for all work environments. All of these gadgets should be perfectly okay but it’s a good idea to have a think about it.

Q: Are They Good for Relieving Stress?

Everyone is different but there are some great stress relievers here.

Some people find the act of building or playing something very cathartic. When you’re having a stressful day, having a mental break for a few minutes will help to calm you down.

Our Top Choice for Mechanical Engineers

The best desk gadget for mechanical engineers has to be the Sunnytech Stirling Engine. It’s great to see a mini engine in action as the warmth of your coffee gets it going. It’ll help to break up your day and is a great little gadget.


Whether you’re an engineer yourself or looking for a gift, these are great options for putting on your desk. Choosing the one you like the most may be difficult or you might end up with a few of them scattered around, whenever you need them.

Whichever one you pick, it’s sure to give you plenty of fun and help to relieve your stress or allow you to think through your problems. All that’s left to do is pick the ones which catch your eye and enjoy a more rewarding work environment.

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