Zenergy Chimes Review – By Woodstock Chimes

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You know when you’re listening to a performance, and a note just resonates with you? You feel it deep into your bones, it’s completely satisfying. Like popping a big pimple! 

Well, after I had heard the note of a Woodstock chime I thought I had to get one.

So I did. And yes, it does make that beautiful note. To justify my purchase though, I had to figure out a way to make it work. What was I going to use this for? 

Here is my solution, the note is a reward. I have trouble focusing on tasks, it’s a big issue in my life. I’m constantly looking for ways to work within myself since this just seems how I’m wired. 

So, after having this chime for a while I figured that when I complete a task, I get to ring it. Sounds simply and silly in a way, I know. But, if you remember from the Pavlovian dog experiment, we are wired to respond to stimulus like this. 

The Woodstock Chime Review

It’s an affordable desktop gadget, and well made. The wood is smooth with a light stain and the metal rod is tied with string to hang over the indent that has been carved in for resonating the sound. 

It includes a tiny little mallet thingy to hit it with. The mallet isn’t made of metal, and appears to be some sort of plastic. The only potential problem I see in the long term use of the chime, is the string that keeps the rod elevated. 

It is a weak point, but as long as it’s treated with respect I see no reason it won’t last. I’m pretty happy with the quality of this, especially for what I paid. 

The packaging and box is pretty nice. It includes a little story about how the company was founded, all the way back in 1979. If you’re looking to get your own wind chime, I think this is a great choice!

Ways you Can use your Desktop Chime

The previously mentioned productivity application is the best way to use it in my opinion. It helps get you wired for rewards when you go after a task. Couple it with some chocolate and you’ve essentially trained your brain to keep going. 

To be honest, that’s the only real productive use I’ve found from my chime(lol). But, for the sake of being creative I’ll try and think up some more. Here are some other ideas on how to use your chime.

  1. To Confuse Your Cat

Yes, my cat Cleveland is confused as heck whenever I ring my chime. He’s like “bro, what the heck is that and what are you doing to me”. I’m sure that he can hear frequencies way above my comprehension so I do it sparingly. But, his cat confused face is adorable. 

2. To Call Your Butler

Have you seen the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Well, if you have your very own Geoffrey you could lay down a new rule. That you’ll be using a chime instead of a bell to call him for his services. The side effects of this can include deep disdain. Potential hatred, and probably some smack talking.

3. To Answer Robocallers

Yes, robocallers are all the rage now. Just today I was told I needed to buy another insurance policy for my vehicle. Perhaps they’ve told you you’re in debt to the IRS or some other shocking revelation. Well, one thing is true and that is that high pitched noises really hurt peoples ears on the phone. 

So next time you get a lovely advocate of whateverness, you can take your chime and ring the HECK out of it then slap it up to the phone. I have yet to try this, but I’m tempted. 

4. To Commence Any Type of Ceremony

Are you having board game night with your friends? Well, you have a chime now so make sure everyone knows the gathering isn’t official until you ring it. 
Are you having a baby? Well, the doctor better not start that C section until you’ve given the ring of approval. 

Maybe you’re having a pizza delivered? Well, if you run out of a tip perhaps the hard working driver will accept a chime as a payment. (don’t try this)

5. To Throw off the Priest in Church

You know when they’re doing their ceremonies and they bring out the bell? Well, imagine if you beat your local priest to the punch. The confusion will be palpable, you’ll have stolen his thunder!

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