Indoor Office Plant Guide – Invigorate your Workplace

Many offices around the world can look drab and uninspiring.  They can be cold environments that don’t inspire a lot of creativity with stuffy air and depressing colors.  Adding some plant life can change all of that and make it a much more vibrant place to work. Here we will give you the complete guide […]

laptop stand guide

The 5 Best Laptop Stands for your Desk

Sitting for long periods of time with a laptop can be invigorating.  You get portable to access to pins, tweets, youtube vids, cat videos.. it never ends. But, what if you want to prevent your laptop from getting all hot and bothered?  Or maybe you’re on the hunt for a more ergonomic position.  Fear not […]

silent computer mice

Best Silent Mouse for your Computer

Being a stealthy computer user comes with challenges. Most computer mouses have a loud click. If that annoys you, I’m right there with you.  Thankfully, manufacturers have seemed to realize there is actually a subset of people who don’t want to hear constant clicks for eternity. It’s kind of fun being able to browse your […]

Architect Style Lamps

The 7 Best Architect Style Lamps

When you work on specific tasks that include drafting documents, studying, or creating blueprints, you can do them with all the illumination you can have.  You will need much more than just ordinary desk lights.  Also known as task lamps, architect lamps provide you with the right illumination to help you focus on the task […]

Windowless Office Guide – Spruce Up your Surroundings!

Lacking windows in your office? It can be an adjustment for us to be devoid of natural light. We’re used to seeing the outside world it but sometimes we’ve got to do without! Working in a windowless room could leave you missing the ambiance, openness, and natural lighting that comes with having a window.  That’s […]

gaming vs ergonomic chairs

Ergonomic vs Gaming Chair – Pros and Cons

The commander of any battleship needs a nice comfortable chair to park their behind in. The question for you is, which type do you want? Gaming chairs today have taken on a certain appearance. You probably have an image in your head just from the mention of it.  A racecar style of seat. While ergonomic […]

Terrarium vs Aquarium – Which is Better for You?

Looking to spruce up your office with a little bit of life? If you’re trying to decide between the two, let’s take a look at the pros and cons.  But first, what is a terrarium? In simple terms it’s a mini ecosystem that is self-contained. Terra is the root for land, and you craft these […]