Top 8 LED Strips for PC Cases – Light it Up!

Once you pump some great specs into a new rig, you’re definitely going to want to get it looking right. LED Strips are a cost-effective way to do that! They also look cool, and you can be stylin’ will your sweet mod. All these LED strips we reviewed come with their unique characteristics. There is […]

TaoTronics Lamp Guide

TaoTronics Desk Lamps Guide

TaoTronics offers high-quality lamps that set some of the highest industry standards.  If you are looking at desk lamps for their illumination, energy efficiency, convenience, controls, and overall quality, this brand hits home runs consistently. So, let’s explore some of the best models from TaoTronics and their key features in this guide. By the way, […]

Architect Style Lamps

The 7 Best Architect Style Lamps

When you work on specific tasks that include drafting documents, studying, or creating blueprints, you can do them with all the illumination you can have.  You will need much more than just ordinary desk lights.  Also known as task lamps, architect lamps provide you with the right illumination to help you focus on the task […]

best wireless charging lamp

Wireless Charging Lamps – The Guide

Technology evolves with time, and our appliances to match. Wireless charging is a THING now! So, lamps have stepped up their one-dimensional game and blossomed into the beautiful butterflies we knew they could be. Today, there is a growing selection of these lamps to stay current with new technology.  We got you covered, lit, and […]