blue light blocking glasses guide

The 10 Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Computer Users – Sleep Better!

Do you get headaches, irritation, and tiredness halfway through a workday? Struggle to sleep after a day of work? If that sounds like you, blue light blocking glasses might be the answer. Blue light is everywhere but too much of it by artificial means can mess up your sleep cycles and overload your eyes.   Here […]

laptop stand guide

The 5 Best Laptop Stands for your Desk

Sitting for long periods of time with a laptop can be invigorating.  You get portable to access to pins, tweets, youtube vids, cat videos.. it never ends. But, what if you want to prevent your laptop from getting all hot and bothered?  Or maybe you’re on the hunt for a more ergonomic position.  Fear not […]

silent computer mice

Best Silent Mouse for your Computer

Being a stealthy computer user comes with challenges. Most computer mouses have a loud click. If that annoys you, I’m right there with you.  Thankfully, manufacturers have seemed to realize there is actually a subset of people who don’t want to hear constant clicks for eternity. It’s kind of fun being able to browse your […]

standing desks vs sitting desks

Standing Desks vs Sitting Desks – Which is Better?

Have you found yourself slumped in your chair, eyeing a bag of chips only to have a lightbulb “click”.  “Ah! I know how to fix my problems.. I saw it at my friend’s contemporary office setup on a cliff in Bali! I must.. stand. ”  Is this you? I mean, probably not let’s be real. […]

tatami mats japanese mattress

Tatami Mats – The Japanese Mattress

If you’re looking for a more minimalist lifestyle, you may have found something interesting in your research.  The Tatami Mat. I first discovered these mats from a home video we received from our Japanese exchange student. I remember being very intrigued with Japanese culture after seeing how she lived! The Tatami Mat is essentially a […]

Are Ergonomic Keyboards Worth it?

Do you stare at your keyboard in contempt? This inanimate object, designed by the underworld to cause us discomfort! There is a traditionally recommended posture preached to us about how to position our hands on a regular keyboard. In a monotone voice, “our fingers should be curved over an invisible ball with wrists parallel to […]

Feng Shui for your Home Office – Canon Guide

In modern society, we are constantly being bombarded by distractions. Things take over our consciousness repeatedly. Ads from the internet, notifications on our phone, calls, text messages, you name it.  But, at the end of the day how have these things improved our life? For most of us, we’ve just grown used to it. It’s […]