Wireless Charging Lamps – The Guide

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Technology evolves with time, and our appliances to match. Wireless charging is a THING now!

So, lamps have stepped up their one-dimensional game and blossomed into the beautiful butterflies we knew they could be.

Today, there is a growing selection of these lamps to stay current with new technology.

best wireless charging lamp

 We got you covered, lit, and at full battery with our guide to the best wireless charging lamps on the market!

TaoTronics TT-DL050 Stylish Metal LED Desk Lamp

This is the big kahuna. The monstrosity of luminosity in its category. BUT it’s also at the higher end of the money spectrum. 

You’re going to have to roll out some of those green backs for this. 

The only thing it doesn’t really do is tuck you in, so there’s that.  Five color modes, a USB port, six brightness levels, a timer, touch control and a night light! 

There are times when companies pack features into a poorly made product to trick you into buying it. I can say with confidence(and the reviews back this up) that this is not one of those times.


Phone compatibility: This will charge your iPhone X all the way down to the iPhone 7. (My 6s is not fancy enough for this). If you’re an android user, this also covers your Galaxy S8/7, the Note 8, and all Qi enabled devices. 

Masdio by Ampulla Bedside Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Charger

The unique design of this lamp is intriguing. If you’re a fan of Bonzai trees, that’s the inspiration here. 

For someone with wooden accents in their room/office, it’s a great look. Masido used high-quality construction materials. 

The three main features in this lamp that make it attractive to buyers are of course the lighting, but it also has a Bluetooth speaker in addition to the wireless charger. 

They managed to slip speaker that into the form factor of the tree canopy, pretty clever.  You get a 40 day no questions asked money-back guarantee on this device, something we don’t see in the competition. Along with an 18-month warranty if something goes wrong.


Phone compatibility: This will charge your iPhone X, 8 , 8 Plus, Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8 Plus, S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and Qi/Wireless charging enabled devices.

Smart LED Desk Lamp with WiFi, Wireless Charger

Everything we’ve listed so far has been packed with features but executed well. 

Napatek keeps up to that standard with their Smart LED Desk Lamp

Constructed from aluminum alloy with a sturdy base. 

With wireless and USB charging, any phone will work with it. You can also control it through Alexa, Google Home or the Echo Dot. If space is a confine that you’re working within on your desk, when not in use you can rotate the head 180 degrees to get it out of your space. 

Phone compatibility: This charges wirelessly and through USB if needed, so all phones should be compatible. 

Table Lamp with Wireless Charger and 2 USB Charging Ports and 2 Outlets Power Strip

Lecone offers an option for those of us looking for a more traditional lamp look that still harbors modern features. 

This bedside lamp will charge your phone wirelessly but it also includes 2 USB ports and 2 ac ports. 

It’s surprising how many charging inputs they were able to get into a small form factor and the pull chain is a nice touch. It doesn’t come with a lightbulb so you’ll have to get that yourself! 

Phone compatibility: This charges wirelessly and through USB if needed, so all phones should be compatible. 

Brightech LED Floor lamp with Wireless Charging Pad

This is the best integration into normal furniture we’ve seen so far for a wireless charger!

Brightech did a great job of meshing modern with traditional furniture styling. 

This comes in black and brown. It’s a great option for those who want something a bit more functional than the traditional night stand. The shelving and construction has left customers satisfied. 

Their warranty is the best of all products mentioned, with a full warranty offered for 3 years. Twice as long as the next closest offering. This is our pick for best overall value.


Phone compatibility: With 1 USB, 1 ac charger in addition to wireless charging it should work for any phone you have. 

Ampulla Beacon Multi-Function Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger and Bluetooth Speaker

We love this charger by Ampulla! If you’re looking for something with a smaller form factor to match a darker set of colors, there isn’t much else like it out there. 

This will play your music and charge your phone wirelessly. 

You can program this device with the time and 4 light modes. It comes in black or white. The arm has a pretty good turning radius of up to 270 degrees. 

Phone compatibility: iPhone X, 8 , 8 Plus, Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8 Plus, S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and Qi-enabled Wireless charging enabled devices.

Further Thoughts

Hopefully, you were able to find the right charger for your situation! If you did, let us know how it worked out for you. And if you’re a big reader, be sure to check out a reading lamps guide 🙂

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