The 10 Best Under Desk Heaters – Stayin’ Toasty

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You want to stay crispy at night, like a human burrito of contentment. We understand!

So getting an heater for under your desk will leave you browsing the internet in bliss.

Here we look at the 10 best under desk heaters out there today.

DOUHE Space Heater

DOUHE has been able to make a heater that will start warming you up in a matter of seconds. 

There is no front off switch which is a little annoying. Aside from that, it has great safety features and a lightweight design that makes it easily portable.

Auzkin Mini Desk Space Heater

Here we see a versatile design with the heater being able to be used horizontally or vertically. 

The 25-degree oscillation will spread the heat well while also being energy efficient. It’s hard to adjust the temperature, however, and it could be a little noisy for quiet offices.

Givebest 1500W / 750W Ceramic Space Heater

This brilliant ceramic heater is available in either silver or black and looks great. 

There are 3 heating modes available and a wide handle to make it easy to carry. It can be a little hard to adjust but once you have gotten used to it, this is an excellent option.

CosyFame Space Heater

If you’re looking for a higher level of power then this will be a great option for you. 

It packs a punch despite its smaller size and will heat up almost instantly. It’s another one that makes a low hum when it’s in use and also there can be a bad smell for the first few hours of use.

Coolast Small Space Heater

This dynamic fan is great for the summer and winter. It is able to work as a cool fan which is a great extra feature. As just a heater, it works very well. 

The 45-degree oscillation will spread that heat around and you can have confidence in its safety features. The power isn’t very high but for an under desk heater, it’s perfect.

Andily Space Heater

The thing that strikes you instantly about this heater is the stylish design it has

It’s another option that has a fan-only mode and the heating adjustments are very easy to use. It can be a little hard to carry and it’s also louder than most other mini space heaters.

AmazonBasics 500-Watt Ceramic Small Space Personal Mini Heater

With AmazonBasics you can always expect great value for money and that’s what you get here

There are stylish color options available. It’s not the safest fan out there as the front grill can get hot and the switch is hard to reach but it doesn’t get hot enough to be a huge problem.

NUMIFUN Space Heater

Here we have another desk heater that initially can smell quite bad after you turn it on and you may want to wait until that fades before you take it to an office. 

It’s a great little heater though with its stylish design and cool-touch shell. It’s also one of the quietest heaters out there.

Joyday Space Heater

Many people will fall in love with this heater straight away with the cute design it has. It can heat up rapidly and is highly portable. 

It doesn’t have a lot of power but if you’re just after a boost at your desk, it’s perfect.

Bojing Indoor Quiet Air Fan Space Heater

Here’s another space heater with a unique design

The controls are a little awkwardly placed but there are 3 settings to get the precise heat you want. 

 It also heats up very quickly and has a good level of adjustability. There aren’t any timer settings but overall it’s a brilliant little heater.


Are these heaters appropriate for work?

The answer to this question will depend on the environment you are in. They are generally quite small and discreet and it usually won’t be a problem. 

If you are wondering whether or not it could be an issue then it’s a great idea to clear it with your manager first

Will they keep me warm?

All of these heaters we have looked at here are quite small and not meant to heat up large rooms.

They work perfectly as a boost of heat to a room that is probably a little too cold for you. Don’t expect them to be able to warm up a whole office.

Are they too noisy?

The noise is perhaps the most crucial buying decision. Most of these heaters are around 50 decibels which is around the equivalent to a desk fan and the ambient noise of a normal office. 

If you are in a particularly quiet working environment, then look out for an ultra-quiet fan.


All of these space heaters have an excellent range of qualities and will allow you to get that extra boost of heat that you’re looking for. 

It’s important to know what space you have, what features you need and the level of power required. 

Once you’ve worked that out then you’ll be able to choose the best under desk heater for you and enjoy a much more comfortable working environment.

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