The 10 Best Under-Desk Foot Warmers

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For many people, working at a desk can be uncomfortable. This can be especially relevant when you are too cold and the heating system isn’t doing much for you.

 Thankfully there are a number of different under desk foot warmers out there that will keep you at the perfect temperature. 

Here are the 10 best under desk foot warmers

1. Snailax 3-in-1 Foot Massager

If you want the maximum level of comfort then this is going to be a great option. As well as the heat, it’ll also be able to work as a massager. 

There is a detachable cover to be able to use it on your back and also a controller. It’s not the hottest solution we’ll look at here but it’s great for most needs.

2. Cenow Foldable Foot Warmer

Having this warmer from Cenow is brilliant as it’ll be able to completely surround your legs for all-around heating. 

It’s also perfectly quiet and can be folded away when not needed. The cord is a little on the small side but overall it’s a great option.

3. Proaller Heating Pad

If you want a large area of coverage then this heating pad is going to be perfect. The controls can be a little hard to reach but other than that, it’s easy to use. 

The flat design gives it great versatility as you’ll be able to use this on various areas of your body.

4. Lasko 100 MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heater

If you want a powerful level of heat then this ceramic heater will do the trick. It’s very easy to use and doesn’t take up a lot of energy.

 Its compact size can be seen as a pro and a con as it’s highly portable but the heat coverage isn’t the widest.

5. Cozy Products FWB Warming Mat

Noisy heaters can be an issue for quiet offices. If that’s an issue, you’ll love this warming mat. As well as being silent it also covers a large area. 

It has a rubbery industrial feel to it that some might not like but it is highly effective and even works through shoes and boots.

6. Gintao Electric Heated Foot Warmer

This electric heater by Gintao is going to feel great on your feet with the soft plush flannel. 

It has three adjustable heat settings and works quickly for the perfect level of warmth. The controls can be quite heavy but overall this is a very comfortable warmer and perfect for most desks.

7. DOUHE Space Heater

Here we see another space heater that is well-received and will be able to heat you up very quickly.

This option by DOUHE, checks all the boxes in a compact form.  

There are several great safety features and it’s also highly portable. It does make a little bit of noise and therefore it’s worth bearing that in mind.

8. Pure Enrichment PureRelief Deluxe Foot Warmer

With the 4 heat settings here, you’re going to be able to get the perfect level of comfort. 

The pull chords and internal barriers will keep your feet cozy but some don’t like not being able to move your feet. Also, it only heats the bottom of your feet.

9. Gideon Quilted Shiatsu Heated Foot and Back Massager

Here we see a heated foot massager from Gideon with 8 nodes that will give you ultimate relaxation. 

The top is also removable, allowing you to use it on your back. It offers brilliant value for money but some users find the auto shut off feature a little annoying.

10. Comfier 2-in-1 Foot Warmer

This fold-able heater from Comfier gives you plenty of versatility for easy storage when not in use.

It also comes with its own bag and is very easy to carry. 

The comfortable soft lining is brilliant but it can take a while to heat up and the heat you get isn’t the strongest.


Are these warmers suitable for work?

It’s always best to check with your employer if they are going to be okay bringing a heater into work. Some of these heaters can be noisy which you should bear in mind. Due to their low energy consumption and discreet nature, it’s unlikely it will be an issue.

How warm are they?

All the foot warmers here are going to give you a different level of heat. The ones with massagers included generally aren’t the hottest. Some heating mats can be highly effective with space heaters often giving you the most powerful direct heat source.

Do they make too much noise?

The nosiest that these machines get is making a slight buzzing sound. If you work in a quiet office then there are silent heaters available such as the heating mats. 

When turned on, massagers are going to be the noisiest option on this list.


All these heaters are of high quality and the right one for you is going to depend on the needs you have. Whether it’s a mat, a massager or a space heater, make sure it has the features and heat level you’re looking for. All that’s left to do is get the best under desk heater for you and look forward to no longer being uncomfortable.

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