under desk foot rest review

Best Under Desk Foot Rest

Do you sit high up in your chair and your feet dangle a bit above the ground?

I feel your pain, this first world problem is devastating. A minor inconvenience and a bulging bank account has piqued your interest.

And now, you’re here! On your quest to find the best foot-rest for under your desk.

under desk foot rest review

Fear not, internet traveler. I’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a look at a few of the best under desk foot rests:

AmazonBasics Under Desk Foot Rest

Amazon does have their own very successful brand, and this product from AmazonBasics is no different.

Thousands of happy customers can attest, this is a very well-liked placed to rest. 

What you can’t see from the picture is that this has an adjustable base. So you can fine tune the perfect angle for your feet.

This is more of a “workers foot rest” because it’s meant for people wearing shoes. If you’re looking for a softer style, I’ll cover those options later on in this review. 

But, this rest suits its purpose well. Your legs will get some relief and you can tilt it to the most ergonomic angle.

It’s becoming more common knowledge that sitting in a chair isn’t really natural, so having a quality product like this is going to help.

By the way, are your legs aching at work? I wrote an article on exercises to help!

  • Adjustable Base
  • Affordable
  • Nonslip Surface
  • Better Suited for Shoes

Rest My Sole - Foot Rest Cushion

If you’re working from home or an office that allows you to take your shoes off, you’re going to want something comfy.

This half-circle design by Rest My Sole will fit the bill. It’s not as firm as a hard surface, but it’s going to be much softer. 

It’s constructed with foam, and if you get it dirty it’s okay. The cover is attached with a zipper and is machine washable.

You can flip it over for a flat surface if that’s your preference, but it’s not going to be as steady as with the curve pointing upwards.

If you really like to dig your feet in, you may want to skip this and go for a harder material. 

  • Easily Washable
  • Half-Circle Fits Curvature of Feet
  • Foam Padding
  • Very Low to Ground(4 inch max height)

StrongTek Foot Rest Under Desk

This kind of reminds me of a skateboard deck, and as you’re using it you can reminisce to the days where your knees still properly functioned!

This sleek wooden design by StrongTek is a well constructed alternative to the plastic and foam options on the market. 

The “slip-resistant surface” otherwise known as grip tape will keep your feet sequestered to their domain. 

But, it’s also fun to bounce to and fro. Like a foot-rocking chair.

It’s rated up to 350lbs, so it’s ready for a ..footing? I don’t see how a rest would ever be under that much stress but if you for some reason want to kick this beautiful piece of ergonomity to test its limits, it’s go time. 

If you’re a standing desk person, this will also work for you. 

  • Neat Design
  • Reminds Me of a Skateboard
  • Uses Wood
  • On Tile Floors It May Be Less Effective

Foot Hammock Under Desk

Everyone knows that guy. He drinks the finest espresso, has a PhD in owning, smells of the finest mahogany, and has a gravity for the most beautiful women. 

Do you know what else that guy owns? A footrest hammock. Because life is easy, and when you’re on top of the world you might as well relax. 

Sure, this applies to women too. I just don’t have enough experience to know the equivalent comparison. I’ll blame cooties. 

This hammock is sturdier than other options out there. While they are wonderful in concept, it’s hard to get them just right. Plus, it’s not always practical to use a hammock.

You kind of have to be leaning back to get the full effects. So in reality, this is more suited to someone at home who’s enjoying some form of entertainment at their desk than a regular worker who would typically do better with the other rests mentioned.

I just wanted to give you a different option! This thing is still pretty cool though. 

  • It's a Hammock for your DESK
  • Good Clamp Quality
  • Nice Addition if You Lean Back a Bit at your Desk
  • Probably Not Practical for Everyday Use

InteVision Extra Large Foot Rest

Is your sitting situation similar to that pictured?

If you’re sitting higher up and you want a decent sized foot rest to dig your heels into, there aren’t many options out there that can compete with this

We come in all shapes in sizes, like little miracles out of mystery boxes. Some of us have shorter legs. But, Gimli was still a fearsome warrior and so are you. 

This option by InteVision will give you the cushion you need to relieve some tension from your feet. All while being affordable, highly-rated, and with a machine-washable cover. 

  • Machine Washable
  • Made for Warriors
  • 8 Inches of Height!
  • Might be TOO BIG for a lot of people

Further Thoughts

I hope I made picking a footrest a simple task! If you end up purchasing one, let me know how it works out. 

There are a lot of options and depending on your situation, your choice will vary. But, these are all highly-rated. So, hopefully one works for you.

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