The 10 Best Steampunk Lamps for your Desk

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In need of fashionable lamp to make your desk a bit more appealing? Steampunk might be the answer to your pipe-dream!

An industrial look that blends days of past with a modern twist. 

All you need to do is read on, choose your favorite and lean back as your enjoy your new illuminated masterpiece. 

Here are the 10 best Steampunk Lamps for your Desk

1. 12Vmonster Bird Cage Water Piping Table Lamp

The cage design on this lamp has a schnazzy vibe and the heavy-duty iron piping gives it that industrial look.

No bulb is included but that’s quite common. The build quality here is very high and you feel the quality of it. The bulbs are easy to come by with plenty of options available. Once you have it on your desk you’ll be in love with it.

2. Licperron Industrial Table Lamp

This lamp by Licperron is smaller than other types of steampunk lamp but it makes up for that with beautiful styling. 

It’s very heavy and some may see that as both a positive and negative. It’s solidly built but there a few safety issues with such a high weight. What you can’t argue with is the quality and the dimmable switch is a great feature.

3. Savage Metal Edison Steampunk Lamp

Savage Metal has been able to make a steampunk lamp that is made from real reclaimed gears that helps to give it a unique quality. 

It has brilliant detailing but with a modern shiny flip switch that doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the lamp. It still looks great with a heavy-duty build quality that many people are going to love.

4. 12Vmonster Minimalist Industrial Steampunk Desk Lamp

12Vmonster has also been able to make this steampunk lamp with its cornered pipe design with the bulb sitting in the middle of it. 

It doesn’t quite have the build quality of other lamps we’ve seen but it’s still brilliant. One thing to note is that in the pictures it insinuates the lamp is made in the USA, but it’s made in China.

5. Zitrades Dimmable Steampunk Antique Accent Lamp

If you’re looking for a lot of light with a tiny footprint then this lamp by Zitrades is going to be perfect for you. 

The 3-way dimmable lamp can be controlled by touch. Also, the bulb is included which is rare for these lamps and saves you the hassle. It doesn’t quite have the same detailing as some other we have seen but the design is still fun.

6. Mizzuco Pipe Desk Lamp

This Mizzuco lamp is more or less the definition of steampunk with the intricate iron detailing, birdcage and Edison-style lightbulb.

 It is also heavy-duty with the type of quality that you’d expect from such a high-quality model. The switch is annoying far down the cord but apart from that, it’s another brilliant option.

7. JS NOVA JUNS Industrial Table Lamp

The simple design of this table lamp is going to appeal to many, especially with its wrought iron frame. 

The rotary switch is a great feature and it also has an on/off switch on the cord too. It has a wooden base that is stylish but you do have to attach it yourself and there are no pre-drilled holes.

8. Y-Nut Loft Style Vintage Metal Dimmable Table Lamp

The gears on this model by Y-Nut look spectacular and give it a look that sets it apart from competitors in styling. 

The gears themselves are made from wood, as to have a fully metal design would add quite a bit more to the price. The rest of the lamp piping is made from iron. 

An interesting design feature that we love is that the valve here works as a switch. They are usually just for decoration.

9. Boncoo Touch Control Table Lamp

Boncoo has been able to make a lamp that has simple styling but quite an elegant design.

It’s made from wrought iron that is high-quality and will look great on any desk that you have. It’s also touch control, making it very easy to use with the excellent build quality.

10. OYL Steampunk Industrial Vintage Rust Iron Water Pipe Desk Table Lamp

If you’re looking for something unique, this would be perfect.

The Mech Warrior of steampunk has come to light your tasks!

 Unfortunately, they are only for decoration. The quality is brilliant with it being made from premium iron.


What is Steampunk?

Steampunk is a industrial style of decor that combines many features of metal work and older style buildings. A large part of it includes piping, and these lamps are a perfect example. 

Iron is usually the featured metal. You can read more about it here

Are these lamps dimmable?

Some of these lamps have a lot of functionality whereas others do not. This depends on the type of lamp that you’re getting, so make sure to check. Others have touch control functions that are going to have a few different light settings to choose from.

Are Edison bulbs hard to get?

You may have noticed that a lot of these lamps are pictured with Edison bulbs but don’t include them. Thankfully they are easy to order online and not too expensive. If you don’t want to get that type of bulb then most of these lamps will be able to take a standard bulb.


All these steampunk lamps look great and trying to choose just one can be quite difficult. It’s important to think of which features appeal to you and what style you prefer. Once you buy one you’ll be able to decorate your desk and get an endless list of compliments.

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