Best Silent Mouse for your Computer

Being a stealthy computer user comes with challenges. Most computer mouses have a loud click.

If that annoys you, I’m right there with you. 

Thankfully, manufacturers have seemed to realize there is actually a subset of people who don’t want to hear constant clicks for eternity.

It’s kind of fun being able to browse your computer at 3 am reading endless wikipedia articles in SILENCE. 

silent computer mice

So, I went ahead and pulled together the best silent computer mouses available. Now those loud clicks can be a sound of yesteryear. 

Let’s take a look:

Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse

The M330 is a wireless mouse from a brand that has been in the computer industry for five decades. 

You can count on it being well-made and lasting you a while. 

It has an incredible battery life as well. One battery will get you two years of regular usage out of this thing. 

They tout a 90% reduction level in click volume, and all of this wrapped up in a reasonable price. 

One thing that might not be for everyone is there is a contoured “grip” where your thumb rests. My personal preference has always been a smooth surface, but most people don’t seem to notice it. So, just a small nitpick there.

If you have medium to smaller hands, this is perfect as it has a small form factor. For larger handed folks, you may be more comfortable with a different model. 

  • Great Battery Life
  • Noise Reduction
  • Good Overall Value
  • Smaller Form Factor(not great for all hand sizes)
  • Over Time Potential Tracking Issues

TENMOS T12 Silent Gaming Mouse

For the gamers among us, who still want some flashy to click in silence, Tenmos has the solution!

The recently released T12 Gaming Mouse has all the looks without the noise. 

Packed with features that would make any recreational player happy, the best of all is perhaps the price. Tenmos is an affordable brand.

The wireless T12 will save you from needing a battery as it is rechargeable. It’s a relatively lightweight gaming style of mouse, at about 5 ounces. 

If you’re looking for something a bit flashier, this is it. As one person said, “it looks like a Transformer.” 

  • Affordable
  • Interesting Design
  • Batteryless
  • Quality Control Issues
  • Right Click Isn't Silent

Jelly Comb Silent Mouse Left-Handed

For all the left-handed brains out there, Jelly Comb has a quiet mouse option for you.

They focused on an ergonomic design along with noise reduction. It actually has a pretty interesting look.


The DPI on this is adjustable between three levels. So you can fine tune it to your own tendencies. 

You’ve probably seen tons of companies throwing around the “ergonomic” phrase everywhere for marketing purposes. That gets a little tiresome. The awesome thing about this design is, it actually does help people. 

There are many pleased customers singing the praises of the Jelly Comb mouse and how it has reduced issues they were having before. This looks like a great value overall for anyone who is left-handed. 

  • Simplistic and Functional
  • Ergonomic(but actually)
  • Good Build Quality
  • I Wish There was a Right-Handed Model!

Vssoplor Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Mouse

Vssooplor has a silent mouse that is the first we’ve seen on this list using Bluetooth.

They also have a really.. interesting brand name. 

Back on topic though. With this mouse and because of Bluetooth, you can control up to three devices at the same time by switching modes.

It also has some variety in the color scheme. You get to choose from pink, white, and black. It has a type-c connection and USB, you can charge it using either option. 

Overall, it’s just a great little mouse that is a heck of a deal. Congrats to Vssooplor. 

  • Bluetooth
  • Great Build Quality
  • Quiet Clicking
  • Small Form Factor(big hands beware)

Rapoo 3-Button Silent Wired Mouse

We all want some bang for our buck when it comes to buying anything. 

Rapoo accomplishes this, at a great price with a lot of positive feedback.

This is our first wired mouse on the list, and generally wired mouses are a bit more affordable due to having less components.

They also offer wireless versions of this design, and if you opt for one of those they’ll even include the battery with your purchase. One thing to note is that while the left and right click are silenced, the middle scroll wheel is not. So, if you constantly are clicking with your middle scroll wheel, you may want to find another option. 

It’s a very simple design and it has symmetrical form factor. Rapoo stands behind their product with a lifetime warranty. 

If you want less click noise and more money in your pocket after searching for a mouse, it’s going to be extremely hard to beat this deal. 

  • Affordable!
  • Symmetrical Design
  • Wired and Wireless Options
  • Middle Click Isn't Silenced


I hope that this article gave you a good set of options when it comes to finding a quiet mouse for your situation. 

Personally, sometimes I’m up pretty late and knowing that my loud clicks aren’t breaking the silence just feels better to me.. for some reason. 

If you end up picking one of these up, be sure to come back and tell me how it worked out. Good luck on your search!

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