Top 8 LED Strips for PC Cases – Light it Up!

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Once you pump some great specs into a new rig, you’re definitely going to want to get it looking right.

LED Strips are a cost-effective way to do that!

They also look cool, and you can be stylin’ will your sweet mod.

All these LED strips we reviewed come with their unique characteristics. There is something for everyone’s tastes.

Let’s take a look at the best LED Strips for your PC Case

Speclux LED Strip for Modding PC Case

This PC RGB LED light is comprised of 3 strips of 18 LEDs.

It also features high-quality 5050 SMD LEDs that pump out colorful lighting with a good brightness. 

RGB Sync Control: The sync control is available for PC motherboards having 4-pin RGB LED strip header. It’s compatible with Asus Aura, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, Asrock RGB LED, and MSI Mystic Light, among others.

Light Effects: It has three strips of 18 LEDs each, a total of 54 LEDs. So you’ll get some stunning RGB sync effects and enhanced brightness. You can create colors of your choice. It also allows you to create your animation.

Additional Features: The 7-piece magnets per strip make it easy to install it. Then there is the high-quality double-sided adhesive to help you slap it on. It is an IP44-grade waterproof.

RGB LED Strip Computer Lighting

This product by DS Leddess is perfect for mid-tower or full tower cases.

It features high-quality lighting, ease of installation, and has multiple modes. This LED strip connects to the SATA port.

Modes: The LED strip features 24 key IR remote controller. There are four dynamic light modes available. The different styles include static, Strobe, Fade, Smooth, and Flash.

Lighting: It features high-quality 5050 RGB color changeable LEDs. It is incredibly bright compared to standard LED strips. The result is the best-possible color lighting for your computer case. Also, it is possible to choose between 16 static light colors. It includes many colors, including Red, Purple, Green, Yellow, Cyan, Orange, Blue, and White, among others. So, you only need to hit click on the preferred color to set the static light color of your choice.

Flexibility: The strip can be easily bent, allowing you to set the lighting in different designs.

Brightness: There are two flexible strips of 18 LEDs that produce bright light. Moreover, you can adjust the brightness using the remote. There is also a memory function for reverting to the last set color when turned off.

Installation: This LED strip uses magnets to attach to the case. They’re strong enough to hold additional cables.

Extended Computer Magnetic 5V 3 Pin PC LED Strip

This RGB PC LED strip includes 2 pieces and works with certain software to synchronize your choice of lighting. 

It’s compatible with a broad range of cases having 5-volt 3-pin headers.

Compatibility: It is compatible with motherboards having three pins. This plays well with the Asus Aura Sync, Asrock Aura RGB, MSI Mystic Sync, and Gigabyte RGB Fusion, and Fusion 2.0.

Sync Control: Sync control is possible through a 5V 3-pin connector. However, there is no need for an extra controller. It is also possible to sync it with other ADD-RGB units.

Lighting: It produces bright-colored light. 15 RGB LEDs can provide all the illumination and color options you will want.

Installation: The availability of both adhesive and magnetic installation makes it easy to install onto different types of surfaces.

Additional Features: It can also connect to AI-Aureola Fan Hub. You can further sync the lighting effects using the RF controller.

PC RGB LED Strip Light

This quality offering by airgoo is a PC RGB LED strip light comprised of 42 LEDs divided into two strips.

So, you can create striking RGB sync effects and achieve colors and animations of your choice. Some of its key features include:

Compatibility: These Airgoo RGB LED strips are compatible with motherboards having 4-pin RGB headers. Besides, it works with Asus Aura, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, Asrock RGB LED, and MSI Mystic Light, among others.

Light Effects: If you are a DIY gamer, this is the perfect RGB LED strips for you. It features 42 LEDs divided into two bright strips. So, your PC case can be modified to create stunning light effects, including different colors and animations. Furthermore, it supports an unlimited spectrum, allowing you to create a unique and personalized gaming rig. The use of a high-quality PU tube further improves the uniformity in lighting.

Additional Features: The use of the latest magnets ensures that the strips stay in their place. It features 8-piece built-in magnets within the silicone housing. The high-quality LEDs can serve at least 10,000 hours of use.

SATA Power RGB LED Strip Light

A DIY gamer always believes in more creativity. This RGB LED strip helps you achieve exactly that without any complications. 

That’s because this product makes everything simple, from connectivity to installation and everything in between.

Lighting: The 5050 RGB LED strip has a staggering 60 LEDs that produce super bright colors of your choice. The light has been made inside a bright silicon pod with high heat resistance and excellent flexibility. It features seven multi-color options, different dynamic modes, and DIY selection. All this allows you to create custom mood lighting. Likewise, it emits three primary colors and seven different colors to help you achieve your level of customization.

Installation: It’s possible to cut the RGB LED light at every 3 LEDs. You can install it using self-adhesive tape or its built-in magnet.

Additional Features: It features 17-key IR remote control. Furthermore, it makes use of double-layer copper that ensure that the mixed colors are even. The beam angle is set at 120 degrees.

Compatibility: The RGB LED strip is compatible with Asus Aura RGB, Asrock Aura RGB, and MSI Mystic Light. It connects with the SATA power cable.

Excellux Led Strip Light for PC case

This Excellux RGB LED strip light is 40cm long and makes excellent lighting for your PC case. 

It adds a nice visual aesthetic to your rig.

Lighting: It features two pieces of 40cm LED strips. Besides, the brightness and color can both be customized to match your preferences. At the same time, the light output is soft on the eye and doesn’t cause eye fatigue. So, you can enjoy the colored lighting for hours without feeling overwhelmed.

Installation: It features both magnetic and adhesive installation. Consequently, that makes it perfect for installing on any flat and dry surface.
Control: It is possible to control the color and illumination of each individual LED. You can further control the lighting using the RF wireless LED controller. This advanced level of control means that it is possible to create and control colors, brightness, and speed with precision. There is a 1-piece splitter cable making it both easy to use and flexible as a case lighting.

Compatibility: It is compatible with all PCs which have the SATA power connector.

Additional Features: The use of safe tape means you get an excellent viscosity and ease of cleaning. It makes a superior RGB LED light for both the PC case and computer fans. Also, it works within a temperature range of -40°C and 80°C.

ALITOVE Addressable RGB LED Strip for PC Motherboard

The Alitove Addressable RGB LED strip provides control over each individual LED. 

From multiple color options to high build quality, it can take your PC/gaming rig lighting dreams to the next level.

Compatibility: It is compatible with systems having 5-volt 3-pin headers.

Lighting: It features 24 LEDs of 40cm length and two pieces. It is possible to control each LED in the strip to show the unique colors of your choice. In short, it is possible to create an almost limitless combination of gradients and shades. You can create stunning, dynamic color effects including waves, rainbows, strobing, breathing, color cycle, gradual change, music sync, comet, and much more

Installation: You can install it using both magnetic and adhesive effects. The heavy-duty foam adhesive tape allows you to fix this RGB LED strip over any flat surface. So, it is perfect for gamers and modders who desire to create highly innovative effects.

Additional Features: It has a view angle of 120°. Besides, it comes with 50,000 hours of the lifecycle and can work in the temperature range of -40°C and 80°C.

EZDIY-FAB Addressable RGB LED Strips

This EZDIY-FAB Addressable RGB LED strip features two strips of 40cm each. It is compatible with 5-volt 3-pin systems.

Each piece has 24 LEDs, and it supports multiple color settings, allowing you to create custom colors and effects.

Lighting: The multi-color support means that you can achieve any colorful lighting effects. Furthermore, you can use the RF remote controller to adjust the light. The unique 1 to 2 splitter cable enables the extension of the RGB LED fans to create elegant lighting systems. Create a personalized environment with stunning LEDs. Also, you can control the colors and modes using wireless remote controls. That’s because there are over 300 light effect modes available.

Compatibility: This RGB LED strip is compatible with motherboards having 3-pin 5V ADD-RGB headers. It includes 3-pin systems, including Asus Aura, MSI RGB, and Asrock RGB, among others.

Installation: The option of both adhesive and magnetic backing means that you can install this LED strip on any flat surface. The high level of flexibility means that you can also install it around the edges of the case.

Durability: It is made of flexible PCB material and has a silicone housing. That means much higher strength compared to epoxy-based strips.


How to Choose the Perfect LED Strip for My Case?

The choice depends on the flexibility in terms of colors and brightness that you desire. You should also consider the design of the tower and the motherboard connector to choose compatible strips.

Do These Lights Have Any Energy-Saving Features?

Yes, firstly, these are made of LEDs, which means they consume very little energy. Secondly, the brands have designed these LED strips in a way that they don’t consume more energy while working to create your custom light effects.


Whether working or playing games on your rig, adding a cool factor always has an important role!

Hopefully, this guide helped you figure out what you want for your PC Case. If we helped you find the perfect solution, let us know how it worked out. 

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