The 10 Best LED Keyboards

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Are you on the hunt for a rave show exploding from your keyboard? Well, we can’t promise that but there is an answer!

An  LED keyboard will spice up your browsing experience while making your life easier in the dark.

 Here we’ve reviewed the 10 best LED keyboards:

Blue LED Keyboards

1. AULA gaming keyboard

AULA has been able to make a fantastic keyboard with blue LEDS. 

 For those typing at night, the keys are relatively quiet. The legs can fold up a little too easily at times but that is rarely an issue. Most of the time you’re going to love the build quality of this highly rated model.

2. Eagletec KG010 Mechanical Keyboard Clicky Blue Switch

If you’re looking for a high-quality mechanical keyboard this is a great option. 

The lighting is beautiful and allows you to type very freely. The keys are a little loud but the durability of the keyboard is very high and it’s also easy to clean. If you like a high-angled keyboard then you may not like the small legs here.

3. BlueFinger Gaming Keyboard

This BlueFinger model is a brilliant keyboard that you’d expect to come at a premium price but instead is incredible value for money. 

The backlighting is very bright and it also comes with a mouse and a mousepad. The instructions aren’t the best but you’re going to quickly get used to it.

White LED Keyboards

4. SurnQiee Large Font Print USB LED Backlit Keyboard

If you need to have large keys then this keyboard is going to be perfect. It’s extremely easy to use with a great level of quality construction. 

The keys aren’t the smoothest, however, and won’t facilitate the quickest of typing. For those that need large keys, the backlighting and size is going to make your life a lot easier.

5. LexonElec Wired Gaming Keyboard Ajazz AK33 White LED Backlit 82 Keys USB Mechanical Pro Gamer Keypad

The responsiveness of this keyboard is brilliant. It makes it very easy to type and it’s great for those who are very quick at typing.

 It has a small right shift which may be annoying to some but the feel is otherwise very good. It’s another great keyboard of very high quality.

6. Code V3 87-Key Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard - White LED Backlighting

You’ll pay a pretty penny for this mechanical keyboard from WASD, but it’ll be well worth it.

The build quality and peace of mind of having a true mechanical keyboard is one thing, but if you specifically want white LEDs this is by far the best model available. 

Enjoy the feedback of a true mechanical keyboard at a higher price point if it’s within your budget. 

Multi-colored LED & RGB keyboards

7. Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard

The RGB backlighting on this keyboard from Redragon is excellent and will allow you to customize the color that you want. 

There is no memory and the default setting may not be what some prefer. There is a wide key range which some will love and it also comes with a high-quality mouse which is a great additional feature.

8. PICTEK RGB Gaming Keyboard

This is another RGB keyboard that has quality on its mind while being affordable!

 It’s a great size and also has a nice palm rest with a good key feel. It has a good build quality but there is only one height level and the colored keys are preset.

9. Mafiti RK100 3 Color LED Backlit Keyboard

With the range of features this keyboard from Mafiti has, it represents an excellent value for money. 

There is a slight light unevenness but it’s barely noticeable. Overall it’s extremely high quality and will serve you well for many years of continuous use.

10. HyperX Alloy Core RGB – Membrane Gaming Keyboard

The keys on this keyboard can feel a little bit clunky at times but overall the responsiveness is excellent. 

The lighting is brilliant but you only have a minimal level of customization. Sturdiness is very high on this keyboard and many users will appreciate that.


Why use an LED keyboard?

A backlighted keyboard is great for low light conditions where you’ll be able to type freely without needing a huge amount of artificial light. It makes it great for typing after dark and it’s great for gamers who are able to quickly identify keys.

What is better: wired or wireless?

There is always a temptation to go wireless but often it doesn’t make sense. Unless you need to freely move your keyboard around it is better to have a wired option. This will mean no battery issues and a quicker response time.

What’s the difference between RGB, LED and backlit keyboards?

An LED keyboard and a backlit keyboard are the same thing as all backlit keyboards will be powered by LED. An RGB keyboard is slightly different as this is an LED keyboard but one where you can generate custom colors for a lot more individuality.


LED keyboards can help to make your life a lot easier. They allow you to clearly see your keystrokes in all conditions. 

All 10 keyboards we’ve looked at here have brilliant quality and you just need to choose which colors you want and which features you need. Once you have your LED keyboard, you’ll find typing to be a lot easier.

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