The 5 Best Laptop Stands for your Desk

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Sitting for long periods of time with a laptop can be invigorating.  You get portable to access to pins, tweets, youtube vids, cat videos.. it never ends.

But, what if you want to prevent your laptop from getting all hot and bothered? 

Or maybe you’re on the hunt for a more ergonomic position. 

laptop stand guide

Fear not my friend, we’ve taken a look at the laptop stands available to give you an objective feel of which one would suit you.

Let’s take a look at the 5 best laptop stands for your desk:

AmazonBasics Laptop Desk Stand for PC and Macbook

Amazon’s own brand AmazonBasics has a few options in the laptop category. 

They seem to comb through user reviews of products and snipe their suggestions, and improve of the design. Sneaky, yet smart. 

For this incarnation of their attempt to own the market, they’ve made a sleek one piece stand that will raise your laptop six inches off your desk.

They did a good job, and it’s a pretty clever design. They’ve left a hole in the middle of the metal(not pictured) for you to be able to slip your cables through.

I know that a current problem I have is cable management, so it’s always nice to see companies implementing solutions. 

They have included a 1-year limited warranty on this product. 

Rain Design mStand360 Laptop Stand with Swivel Base, Silver (Patented)

And here we see the Rain Design mStand that I believe Amazon took some “inspiration” from.

They have two options, the swivel option which they’ve patented and the regular design that is one solid piece of metal. 

When a product completely dominates a category from a new-ish brand, it’s usually because that product was incredibly well-made. Which is the case here.

Their regular design has thousands of happy customers singing it’s praises. The swivel design is an improvement as well, if you’re looking for something you can turn towards you from an angle it fills that void. 

This comes with a hole for cable management as well. It does have one common gripe, and that is that the rubber pads underneath seem to come free rather easily. 

If you can live with that, and like the look to this compared to the Basics brand, it’s a nice pickup. But, a bit pricier. 

Neetto Height Adjustable Laptop Bed Table, Portable Lap Desk with Foldable Legs

I’m a sucker for anything adjustable. If I can change it, even if I never do, I feel the POWER. 

This helps those of us who have a fear of commitment. Imagine the downfall of a solid piece of metal. 

You’re married to it, and you never even got to test it out!

If you share my 21st century fears, maybe a modular laptop stand like this product from Avantree is for you.

They say it’s great for users in bed, but I see no reason why you couldn’t use this on your desk as well. If you want to take it to your bed, the legs fold in as you see in the picture. 

The height is also adjustable, so you’re not sequestered to a status quo of non-adjustable matrimony. There’s no acceptance here, change it if you don’t like it!

The surface has the capability to tilt up to 30 degrees if you’d like. Some people even use it as an addition to turn their regular desk into a standing desk, pretty cool. 

Nexstand Laptop Stand – Portable Laptop Stand

This contraption of plastic/nylon/metal will grip your laptop, but in a nice comforting way. Wait what?

Okay but really, the Nexstand is another product that has taken some “inspiration” from competitors. 

However, at a much more affordable price. If you’d like to see the similar stand, it’s here

When I first laid eyes on this I thought hmm flimsy, but it’s rated up to 20lbs and has many satisfied customers to back it up as a quality product.

It has seven different settings so you can get it to the perfect height for your preferences. 

Laptop Table Stand Adjustable Riser

This is perhaps my favorite stand of all just because it makes your laptop look like a droid taking a napMaybe I’ve been watching too much of the Mandalorian. 

This is a highly touted product by PWR+ that has a great build quality. 

So, why does this blow the category away? Well, three reasons I think that really shows they went the extra mile. 

  1. There’s a place for your mouse. This is what makes this truly portable and to my surprise it’s the only laptop stand I’ve seen with this feature.
  2. Included USB fans. Laptops get hot, they have a solution to keep yours cool with fans built into the design.
  3. Build Quality, it’s a well-made product and it’s very simple to adjust. The whole thing is ready to go out of the box, no assembly required.

Overall, and not just for the droid look, this is my favorite stand available!


Why Get a Laptop Stand?

Have you noticed that your face is angled downward at your desk or maybe upward? The ideal position is to keep everything in our bodies neutral. 

If you took a snapshot of yourself right now, and you were to imagine the curvature of your spine, your neck and everything else.. would it be neutral? If it would, you’re golden. But if it wouldn’t then you should look into things like a laptop stand to keep you in a good position. 

For me this included my chair, and I’m currently working on keeping my midsection tight after I noticed it was affecting my posture. This is still a work in progress for me, you can read my review on a wobble cushion here

Posture sneaks up on you, like it did to me, so preventative measures are a good idea!

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