The 10 Best EDC Keychain Gadgets

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Carrying your keys is a part of everyday life.

If you’re looking to boost the functionality of your keychain, an EDC gadget could be right for you. 

We found a bevvy of unique options suitable to everyone. Find yourself something that you enjoy carrying!

Let’s take a look at the 10 best EDC keychain gadgets:

1. SdeNow Mini Flashlight Keychain

You never know when you’re going to need some light. Sde has you covered with their compact solution. 

This minuscule light packs a punch above its weight class that can shine up to 200 lumens. It may be hard to turn on and a little too small for some but it’s a great tool to always have on you for those emergency situations.

2. Geekey Key Shaped Pocket Tool

This key-shaped pocket tool  by GeeKey will fit nicely on any keychain and has a long list of functions.

Yes, it can open bottles!

Some of those, such as the wire cutter, have limited usability and aren’t a great substitute for the real thing. Apart from that, it is well made and useful to have.

3. Boomway Tiny Cutting Tool

This little cutting tool from Boomway is a handy addition to your EDC. It’s a bulky base and blade, that will hold up to abuse. 

The 35-degree cutting angle is decent and it’d also look great on your keyring. The case can be a little hard to open but it’s a discreet and effective tool.

4. EDCfans Torpedo Shape Waterproof Pill Container

If you need to carry pills or other small items with you then this container might be your container of choice!

As well as having that space, it has a solid metal tip that can break through glass in emergencies. It can be a little awkward to hook your keys but once you have them on, you’ll love having this on your keychain.

5. Lever Gear BitVault

The BitVault is brilliant for screws and has a high level of usability. 

As well as storing the bits for the screws, the gadget also has extra storage space where you’re going to be able to fit anything you may need.

 It is a little expensive but many will see it as good value for money. If you’re a tradesman or find yourself constantly forgetting your screwdriver, then it can be a nice little powerup to you everyday carry. 

6. CAMPSNAIL EDC Paracord Lanyard

If you’re a paracord connoisseur then this will ignite your heart strings!

You get four feet of rope that is tightly would up and compact. There’s also flint attached if you need to start a fire in a bind.

It can be a little too long in your pocket so that’s worth bearing in mind. You’ll definitely notice this on your keys. 

7. Titaner Outdoor Camping Picnic Toothpick

This is the toothpick for people who want to aggressively clean their teeth of ALL LEFTOVERS. 

Titaner has a heavy duty camping pick, to keep your dentals shining brightly. 

As well as its stated use you could also use it for sword fighting, opening phone trays and scoring paper. There are plenty of colors options to get this matching your style. 

8. Cold Steel Micro Recon 1 Tanto Point

If you’re the outdoors type and in need of a knife then the Tanto Point is your transformative blade. 

The thick blade is durable and easy to open. You do have to be mindful of security and metal detectors as it may be confiscated. Despite it being small, the textured handle makes it very easy to hold.

9. Bayite 4 Inch Survival Ferrocerium Drilled Flint Fire Starter

Despite being small in size, this is a solid keychain gadget from Bayite. The long ferro rod makes a handy firestarter in combination with the flint. 

 It will work in any weather but having it in your pocket may be a little heavy for some. It also comes with some paracord that helps to make it a well-rounded gadget.

10. Hacoon Personal Alarm

You could well be looking for peace of mind when you’re out and about and if that sounds like you, then this alarm is ideal for emergency situations.

The pin can come away easily which can be annoying but is needed to make it as easy as possible to use.


What do I need to consider?

Most of these gadgets are very easy to carry and not a lot needs to be considered when comes to using them. 

The biggest issue, however, is size and weight. You want to make sure that it’s going to be easy for you to carry as some of these items may be uncomfortable in a jeans pocket, for example.

Are they just a novelty?

None of the gadgets that we’ve looked at here are going to be quite as effective as a full-sized and specialized tool. That being said, they are effective and can be brilliant for everyday carry when emergency situations present themselves.
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Are these gadgets safe to carry?

With these gadgets, you have to bear in mind where you’re going. If you try and take the knife through an airport then you’ll have it confiscated. There are also items like the firestarter that will only be allowed in certain places. In most situations, you won’t have a problem!


Having EDC gadgets on your keychain can be perfect in an emergency. It could be that a few of these gadgets appeal and you want to fill your keychain with them. Whichever you choose, these EDC items are high-quality and will always be useful.

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