The 10 Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Computer Users – Sleep Better!

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Do you get headaches, irritation, and tiredness halfway through a workday? Struggle to sleep after a day of work?

If that sounds like you, blue light blocking glasses might be the answer.

Blue light is everywhere but too much of it by artificial means can mess up your sleep cycles and overload your eyes. 

blue light blocking glasses guide

 Here we look at best blue light blocking glasses for computer use that will keep your eyes rested and allow you to get a good night of sleep!

Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you’re looking for stylish glasses, you’re not going to get much better than this

Not only do they look great but they are lightweight and easy to wear. 

They can have a bad smell out of the box but this will fade quickly. If you are long-sighted, there are also magnifying options to match your prescription.

Prospek Glasses

In terms of build quality and durability, it’s hard to look past these glasses.

They’re more expensive than other options but they still represent great value for money

There are plenty of buying options here as not only do you have magnifying options, there are also two colors to choose from.

ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

Anrri has been able to make a pair of glasses that have terrific blue light reduction with over 90% of the rays being blocked out. 

They also reduce UV rays getting to your eyes so they offer protection for basic use as well. 

They can cause a little bit of glare but for the most part, they are easy to wear and highly effective.

ElementsActive Fitover Anti-Blue Blocking Computer Glasses

If you’re looking for the glasses that you can wear with your regular prescription, these would be a great option. 

They aren’t perhaps the most stylish but they are extremely effective. They are quite heavy but with that, you do get brilliant durability, which is helped by their flexible frames.

AOSM Glasses

Flexibility is a great feature with blue light glasses as it makes them much more robust. 

They are also comfortable to wear and you have the confidence of being backed up by a lifetime warranty. Some may love the style and others may hate it! 

There also aren’t any other color options.

Livho 2 Pack Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Getting a two pack of glasses is great in terms of redundancy.

If a “professional misplacer of items” was an occupation, I would be an expert!

There are various design options to find your preference and also the vision through them is very clear. They don’t block as much blue light as other models but are still a good option.

SOJOS Cat Eye Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you’ve still not found glasses that suit your style then hopefully you’ll see something you like in the 4 color options on show here! 

This brand is targeted for women, and manages to do a good job of getting the “hipster” look right. 

They aren’t the most effective glasses but are good for more causal screen viewers. They are lightweight and very easy to wear for a full day.

YAROCE Anti Eye Strain Computer Glasses

We’ve looked at a few pairs of glasses that have a low level of effectiveness but the same can’t be said here

They offer brilliant blue light blockage while remaining stylish and comfortable to wear. There are also 4 color options available.

The plastic frames aren’t the highest of quality, but they’re durable enough.

Noel Oscar Blue Light Blocking Glasses

While there are no magnification or color options here, these glasses are stylish and brilliant for those who wear contact lenses or have otherwise good vision. 

The frames are durable and the glasses are extremely effective at blocking out that blue light. You’ll be able to wear them all day with no issues at all.

OTM Сomputer Blue Light Blocking Glasses

For those who stare at a computer screen all day, these glasses by OTM are perfect. 

Again there are no magnification or color options but the build quality is very high and they look great. They also have that all-important comfort. They’ll help to prevent headaches and allow you to sleep easily.


How do blue light glasses work?

As anyone who has looked through a prism or seen a rainbow knows, visible light consists of many different colors. Blue light is quite intense and also happens to be emitted in large quantities on television, computer and phone screens.

Blue light glasses work by reducing the amount of blue light that hits your eye. This is important as excessive amounts have been shown to cause headaches and tiredness. As we get a lot of blue light in natural sunlight, getting too much of it can also disturb sleep.

Can you wear them with prescription glasses?

The majority of blue light glasses aren’t going to be compatible with prescription glasses. There are a few options out there, such as the Elements Active option we’ve looked at, that you can wear with other glasses. Many people don’t like these as they aren’t very stylish.
For long-sighted people, there are glasses that come with an in-built prescription to give you 2-in-1 functionality. Due to the more complex nature of short-sighted glasses, you’d have to wear contact lenses if you wanted to wear these glasses.

Who needs blue light glasses?

There are some people who cope quite well with staring at a screen for long periods in a day, others will get headaches and tiredness. These glasses work especially well for those who have to stare at computer screens for the majority of the day.
If you find yourself looking at your phone too much or a TV set, they could also be great for you. Finally, gamers often stare intensely at screens for long periods and these glasses will be able to cut down on any issues you might face.


If you get tired eyes or headaches at the end of the day, give blue light glasses a try. There are some stylish options available and for some users, they can improve quality of life. 

All that’s left to do is choose your favorite from the list and enjoy the greater comfort you’ll have!

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