back braces for running

The 5 Best Back Braces for Running

If you’re like me, back pain may have randomly crept into your life. 

It’s not the highlight of my journey so far, but I won’t let it keep me down and neither should you!

How am I dealing with it? Well, for one I’m working on my core. But, it was also starting to hit me while I was running. So, I opted for a back brace. 

back braces for running

A lot of the options are too heavy-duty for this purpose, so let’s look at more lightweight ones. 

Here are the best back braces for runners

Sacroiliac Joint Brace by Rassfit

This option by Rassfit is light on material. Which is why it’s ideal for runners.

One of the criteria we need to look at is how practical a brace is, you’re not easily going to get a full stride in a bulky contraption. 

That’s why this is a nice option. This sits on your lower back, and is tightened with a strap system. They made this for outdoors people in mind, and there is a little strip on the back that reflects light if you’re running at night. 

Rassfit offers a lifetime guarantee on this product. 

  • Reflective Strip
  • Made for Activities
  • Light on Material
  • Tight fit on heavier individuals

Sacroiliac SI Joint Hip Belt

This belt by PlayActive is one of the lightest and most minimal options I’ve seen. 

Which makes it perfect for runners. As pictured, this will sit on your hip.

We all have different body types, and some people have had the belt ride up on them during their activities. That’s the one drawback with something that sits on your hip, if you’re moving a lot it could slide up. 

Something to keep in mind. But, for lighter activities this is a great product with a lifetime guarantee. 

  • Lightweight Material and Design
  • Can Wear Comfortably Under Workout Clothes
  • Affordable
  • Can Ride Up your Hip

Venom Lumbar Back Brace Compression Belt

This is the product I ended up purchasing. 

I needed a bit more of mid-back support and people do indeed use this while exercising, so I went for it.

Plus, they used the name venom. Which appeals to me for some reason(lol).

It uses a strap system and I definitely feel the support. It has adequate padding and I keep it on pretty tight. 

The elastic on it doesn’t have much give when tightened, which is what I wanted. I’d say this is a heavy duty-ish option. 

What I will say is that if you run at a faster pace, this can feel obstructive. I could jog just fine with it, however. 

  • Back is Tight and Stable
  • Affordable
  • Great for Mid-Back
  • Not a lot of "Give"

Copper Compression Recovery Back Brace

If you’re looking for a compression fit, this could be the option for you.

It still uses a strap to tighten, but it’s made of woven material and infused with copper. 

All I know about copper is that I’ve seen golfers use it before, so I can’t speak on its effectiveness.

But, this actually seems to be a well-made device and it has been heavily reviewed with positive feedback. 

  • Well-Made
  • Compression Fit
  • Soft
  • Upper End of Price Range for Products Reviewed

Truweo Posture Corrector For Men And Women

I’ve focused heavily on lower braces, but this is the best seller in the back brace category, so let’s take a look. 

The Truweo Posture Corrector aims to open you up and keep everything tight. 

It’s a simple, affordable solution that uses thick supporting straps along with adjustable tension to force you to stand up straight. 

This can be easily worn under clothing if you want something for general use. There are also a lot of similar products at varying prices, so you could perhaps get a brace for a bit cheaper!

  • Affordable
  • Light on Material
  • Works
  • Straps Have Broken on Some


Should I always wear a back brace?

That depends on you honestly. The extent of your situation and how serious is, is important. I definitely would look at speaking to a medical professional if your problem is worsening.

The reason I got one is more of a preventative thing. After tweaking it at work I felt residual affects.

My residual plan has been to always exercise my core at the gym and stretching. One thing to note, is back braces take a bit to get used to. If yours is uncomfortable at first, you’re not alone. I experienced the same thing.

My solution was to loosen it up a little bit and wear it in short bursts until I felt better.  

What exercises helped?

I suggest taking a look at this video. For me, I do lean backward and try to take some pressure off my discs. Additionally I always hit my abs at the gym. 

I’ve heard of people purchasing inversion tables, but they are pretty pricey and take up a lot of room(which I don’t have). 

Get a Foam Roller

Here’s another suggestion, if you want those muscles to loosen up a bit definitely consider investing in a foam roller. I have one, it was like twenty bucks, and there are plenty for cheaper.

It helped me a lot. 

How Do I keep my Back Brace Clean?

Most options suggest you hand wash them in cold water. There are a lot of materials at play in a brace and not all of them do well with heat. 

So, I’d err on the side of caution and be gentle with it. If you’re going to use it for running and want to avoid having a sweaty mess, wearing it over your shirt works too. 


Hopefully I helped you come to a conclusion about the brace that is right for you.

Something to keep in mind about a back brace, is if you need it mid to higher on your back it is going to affect your breathing. I wear mine a bit lower than usual when going for a run.

But if you’re not going all out and gasping for air you should be good! Thanks for reading and let me know if you found one of these suggestions helpful. 

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