The 7 Best Architect Style Lamps

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When you work on specific tasks that include drafting documents, studying, or creating blueprints, you can do them with all the illumination you can have. 

You will need much more than just ordinary desk lights. 

Architect Style Lamps

Also known as task lamps, architect lamps provide you with the right illumination to help you focus on the task at hand. 

Besides the lighting, these lamps have adjustable features that allow you to move them in different positions without any issues. Since there you get so many attractive options in the market, it can be challenging to make the right choice.

Here we have the top 7 Architect Style Task Lamps:

1. Architect Desk Lamp Gesture Control - OTUS Metal Swing Arm

Firstly, the OTUS architect desk lamp brings something unique and new to the world of table lamps.

One of its unique properties is that you can operate it without even using your fingers.

Operation: The lamp can be turned on and off by simply waving your hand over it. Thus, there is no need to touch it.

Controls: You can opt from 12 different brightness levels and three color settings. Thus, that means there are three dozen light settings that you can set depending on the type of task or your mood.

There is also a memory feature to remember the settings. Moreover, the brightness levels are dimmable, and even the brightest of it is comfortable to eyes.

Adjustability: The lamp features a swivel head and swing-arm that allow you to adjust the lighting to the desired position.

Lighting Modes: The lamp also offers three lighting modes – Work, Relax and Reading.

Lifespan: OTUS claims a lifespan of 50,000 hours for the LED light. Furthermore, the entire structure benefits from durable metal construction.

Energy Efficiency: This lamp doesn’t cost you more than 20% of the energy required to light an incandescent lamp.

Additional Features: The unique non-flickering natural lighting produced helps in reducing eye strain when working for long durations. The maximum illumination is up to 1200 lux.

Phone compatibility: This will charge your iPhone X all the way down to the iPhone 7. (My 6s is not fancy enough for this). If you’re an android user, this also covers your Galaxy S8/7, the Note 8, and all Qi enabled devices. 

2. LEPOWER Metal Floor Lamp, Architect Swing Arm Standing Lamp

The LEPOWER metal floor lamp is another addition to the brand’s series of energy-efficient and durable lighting solutions.

It has an elegant, contemporary shape design that makes it a practical and aesthetic addition to a study room, living room, or bedroom.

It’s an affordable and functional task lamp with swing arm to address your lighting needs.


Operation: It has an on/off switch with its convenient position at the cord. That makes it easy and quick to turn it on or off.

Adjustability: The lamp’s swing-arm is flexible and allows setting the lamp head to any position. The head can also be adjusted to focus on the task at hand. So, it is easy to find the ideal lighting angle for your job. There are four individual springs for protecting the joint adjustment.

Bulb Requirements: The lamp features the universal E26 screw base, allowing you to use bulbs of your choice.

Energy Efficiency: You can also install an LED bulb of your choice to control energy consumption.

Durability: Features heavy-duty and durable, weighted base, and lampshade made of metal.

Additional Features: Unique heat dissipation base features a convection design at the back of the base to remove the heat.

3. BYB E430 Metal Architect LED Desk Lamp

If you want more lighting modes, touch control, and more features, this may be just the right architect LED desk lamp for you.

 That’s because it can cover your desk or worktable’s vast area, provide eye protection, and run cost-effectively.

Operation: The lamp features touch-control and memory function, making it a breeze to adjust the lighting.

Lighting Modes: There are six brightness levels and four color modes. So, you can set the lighting based on your needs or mood.

Adjustability: This is a highly adjustable lamp as it features a double-hinged arm, rotating base, and an LED panel that can swivel. So, lighting can be focused on almost anything.

Energy Efficiency: The lamp makes use of highly-efficient 144 LEDs that save up to 80% energy compared to conventional lighting. The LEDs can last for up to 50,000 hours that’s equivalent to 2 decades of use.

Durability: It is made of premium aircraft-grade aluminum-based alloy. The clamp is also easy to fix onto a desktop.

Eye-Protection: It features a unique Light Guide Panel (LGP) side-emitting system that prevents glare and light flicker. As a result, it translates into lesser fatigue and pleasant experience, allowing you to use it for hours without strain. Moreover, the lamp produces 1,000 lux, bright enough for any task.

4. Phive LED Desk Lamp, Architect Task Lamp, Metal Swing Arm

A full-function LED architect desk lamp with step-less dimming, memory function, high energy efficiency, and adjustable arm.

The futuristic design amalgamates both function and aesthetics.

Adjustability: It has a 180-degree swivel angle, and the metal arm can also be adjusted 16.3 inches in either direction. The body is rotatable. Additionally, it has a durable clamp that one can screw onto an inclined surface for versatility.

Controls: A simple tap on the touch button turns the lamp on/off. A simple long press can adjust the brightness.

Settings: The unique step-less dimming system keeps the memory of brightness and also allows easy adjustment.

Energy Efficiency: Similar to most other high-quality architect lamps, it also comes with the assurance of 50,000 hours of lifespan. It consumes just 20% of the energy required to light an incandescent alternative. There are 90 pieces of LED bulbs.

Eye Protection: Special eye-protection uses a diffusion panel that emits soft light that is closer to daylight lighting. There is no flicker or glare to cause any damage to your eyes. Besides, there is no ghost effect.

Durability: The lamp is made of the aluminum-alloy arm and durable metal clamp.

5. ToJane LED Long Swing Arm Desk Lamp Clamp Metal, Architect

If you are looking for an LED architect lamp with a long swing-arm, this may be the ideal option.

Above all, it features an adjustable folding twin-arm. It is a clip-on table lamp with excellent flexibility.

Controls: Well, there is an on/off switch on the cord for smooth operation. The 59-inch cable is long enough for a socket.

Durability: It is made of 0.6mm thick metal, featuring unique molding technology. The paint has been finished three times.

Adjustability: The long swing arm is balanced using four springs. There you get three metal joints to rotate. Thus, you can set this lamp in the desired direction. The metal twin-arm can also be extended up to 32 inches, helping cover a larger desk area.

Heat Dissipation: There are eight precisely positioned holes on the top of the lampshade. Thus, it prevents the lamp from getting excessively hot after prolonged use.

6. ROZKY Drafting Table Lamp, Metal Architect LED Desk Lamp

The Rozky Drafting Table Lamp has a modern design that also comes loaded with features like multiple brightness and color settings, touch control, eye protection, and memory function.

It is a clamp-design lamp made of durable aluminum and zinc alloy material. The lighting is made up of 64 pieces of LEDs.

Controls: You can control the lighting modes and dimming levels with easy-to-use touch-control. Also, the memory function stores the desired settings, allowing easy and quick switching. There are five light modes and five brightness levels.

Durability: The architect lamp is made of premium aluminum and zinc alloy. Moreover, years of rotation and adjustment doesn’t cause any damage to the lamp. The durable clamp can hold onto the desk of up to 1.5 inches thickness.

Adjustability: The LED panel can rotate 210 degrees up/down and 270 degrees left/right. The arms can rotate 175 degrees up/down and the bottom section 80 degrees left/right and 80 degrees up/down on the table.

Eye Protection: The lamp Produces soft light free from glare, flash, and dark spot. It produces a maximum of 850 LM illumination.

Lifespan: The desk lamp comes with a claim of 50,000 hours of operation. It has an LED panel that consumes up to 85% lesser energy compared to traditional lamps that produce the same light.

7. ROZKY Drafting Table Lamp, Metal Architect LED Desk Lamp

The CO-Z is a traditional-looking desk lamp with modern design and functional elements.

But, it looks like a vintage lamp that features a contemporary industrial style. The unique oil rubbed bronze finish makes it an elegant addition to any desktop.

Operation: The position of on/off switch is quite; right over the lamp head.

Durability: It has a robust metal construction that ensures a longer lifespan. The metal structure has the finishing of oil rubbed bronze shade that also contributes to increased lifespan and better heat dissipation.

Adjustability: You can adjust the lamp height between 17.70 inches and 23.70 inches. Also, you can rotate the lamp’s base in 180 degrees. The lampshade can be pivoted vertically 90 degrees. The knob can be loosened to adjust the lamp head to different angles. So, all this means you can use it to illuminate any specific area on the table or in the room.

Illumination: The architect lamp features the standard E26 socket. Moreover, it comes packed with a 10W LED bulb with 800 lumens. According to the manufacturer, the LED light can last for 20 years of operation.


1. Do all the architect lamps have a warranty?

Yes, all the models come with warranty periods ranging from 1 to 2 years. Moreover, every model comes with complete documentation, including warranty papers.

2. What should I consider when choosing the right desk lamp?

All the different features are essential for choosing the right architect lamp. However, you should specifically consider the quality and luminescence of light produced, adjustability, the size required, and where you intend to place it. The position of the on/off switch should also be considered from the perspective of convenience.

3.Should I choose a lamp with or without a base?

This choice depends on what kind and size of desk you may have. If you want to save space, it is recommended to choose a lamp with a clamp that goes onto the desk’s edge. The size of the lamp should also be a concern when you want to save space.

4. Do LED lamps get hot?

Yes, LED desk lamps can get hot. So it is recommended to choose lamps with excellent heat dissipation and management designs.

Further Thoughts

An architect lamp can make all the difference when it comes to increasing your work efficiency, productivity, and convenience.

However, you should choose the right lamp based on the type of tasks you engage in everyday life. Modern LED lamps have come a long way from traditional lights, providing more energy efficiency, convenience, control, and also better illumination.

Look carefully at different features before making the right choice!

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