Audio Technica Ath M20x – Review

I’ve been wearing the Audio Technica’s newest iteration of their winning design for about 5 months now. The M20x is the upgrade to the iconic M20.

So, how does it stand up? Let’s take a look. 

The Base Stats

ApplicationTracking, Mixing, Home Audio
DesignClosed Over-Ear
Driver Size40 mm
Sensitivity96 dB
Maximum Input Power700 mW
Impedance47 ohms
Frequency Response15-20,000 Hz
Earcup Swivel15° Both Directions
Cable3.0 m (9.8'), straight, left-side exit


The first thing I look for in any product is comfort. That’s why I picked these up, one of the things people were raving about was how comfortable they were to wear, even after long periods of time.

I have to say, that I can confirm this as being true. There is a lot of flex in the frame and the metal extenders allow it to adjust to any size of head.

I’ve got a decently large noggin’ and they fit me just fine. It’s a comfortably tight fit. Most importantly though, it’s held up. I’ve subjected these to some abuse. They’ve been dropped and tossed around occasionally. 

My floors are tile, and they’ve even fallen into those a few times. But, the plastic didn’t chip on the sides and everything is in working order. 


The Ear Cups – these are the most important part of the comfort formula. They’re what’s going to be in contact with your body, and on the M20x they feel great. 

I’ve started to get an aversion to not wearing them.  It feels like an extension of my body is missing if I sit down at my computer without these things safely enclosing my head.

I do feel like they have hardened slightly over time though, they aren’t as soft as when I first purchased it. From reading more reviews on why this happens, it appears that the natural oils on our head can penetrate and harden the rubber material inside that acts as padding. 

If you wear glasses I’ve actually heard of them being too tight a fit and making it impossible to wear them while having these on. Something to think about. 

Sound Quality

These aren’t bass boosted headphones that have come into popularity over recent years. It’s a crisp balanced sound.

I’ve found it pretty good for all genres that I’ve tried it in. But, if you’re primarily listening to hip-hop or a genre that really emphasizes the punch of the bass, then you might be better off looking at another pair.

If you’re a gamer and your game emphasizes footsteps(CS: Global Offensive) then you will benefit from this audio. My previous pair were more bass heavy, and I find I hear footsteps better with these.


General Use

One thing I don’t like is how long the cable is. It comes out to 3 meters. If you wear this at your computer desk, you might find yourself rolling over the cable and getting it stuck in your wheels. That’s happened to me a few times. 

The cable has a plastic bendy covering, and I’m a bit worried about it’s durability long term so I have to be careful with it. As of now(5 months later) it’s holding up just fine.

The plug is gold plated and has a durable plastic covering. 


If you’re looking for a pair of budget headphones that have a lot of value for the price point, you really can’t go wrong by picking these up.

They’re from an established brand, and highly rated for a reason. Years of consistency and good results gave me confidence when looking into Audio Technica.

I mark this as a good purchase, and I usually replace headphones about once every two years. I will update to see if I make it there with these. 

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