Arm Exercises at Your Desk

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If you’re looking to get your arms PUMPED during the day, I have you covered.

We’ll take a look at a series of exercises you can do at your work-space to keep your muscles in good shape. 

Arm Exercises At Work


The quintessential arm workout. Yes, you can do curls at your desk. This is an exercise that you will need resistance for, however. 

A 16 oz water bottle weighs 1 lb. If you’re really in a bind, that’s better than nothing. But perhaps you could bring a bring to work instead? A cinder block?  

My solution, as you can see in the picture is to just wrap a 5lb ankle weight around your arm. If you’re trying to be a sneaky workout type, you can put this under your sweater and get some reps in all day. 

Even if you’re allowed to bring a weight to work, these are a lot more inconspicuous than actually bringing in a 5lb weight. In this way you won’t offend your coworkers as being the stand out. 

You’ll merely fly under the radar like a stealthed Greek God and when they ask if you go to the gym you can just say “I do Zumba”. The gasps of jealously will be PALPABLE. 

Forearm Exercises

A pretty simple way to exercise your arms is by using any of the plethora of tools available for forearms. 

For some reason, a burning forearm muscle is one of the most gratifying feelings in the universe(in my opinion).

The great thing about working out your forearms in the office is that any tool needed doesn’t take up a lot of space.

These little grippers are 8 inches, and you could tuck them away in a drawer easily. They range from 50lbs of resistance all the way up to 250lbs. You’ll be the envy of the paper boy when your forearm is juiced up while you type away in a fury of productivity. 

Resistance Bands

Again, these are going to target your forearms. But, they’ll also get your fingers. 

If you’ve ever played(or attempted) guitar, you’ll know that after a while the pain starts to feel great. 

Strengthening your fingers over time is a lovely feeling, especially for folks who spend a good portion of their day typing.

I recommend taking a look at the options available for finger strengthening. Nearly all of them are “office friendly” and easy to have on your desk. 

Wrist Rolls

Wrist mobility is a lovely thing to have, and if you don’t use it.. you lose it! Just kidding, it doesn’t go away rapidly but keeping your wrists loose and nimble after being on a computer is a great idea. 

The video above shows some exercises that will help you keep your wrists feeling great. Namely, the wrist roll. 

Simply hold your hands together with your fingers interlocked and roll your wrists. You can do this at a variety of angles and you’ll look very snake-like doing it, but trust me. It feels GREAT! I swear. 

I had to do it while mentioning it, give it a shot. 

Grip Strength Exerciser

This deserved a category all of its own. The Grip Master has been making its rounds for years on desks worldwide. 

The piston type grip strength system is innovative, you get to target your fingers individually and your wrist. 

Similar to other forearm and hand exercisers, it comes in a variety of tensions so you can work your way up. 

Stress Ball Squeezers

The feeling of squeezing the heck out of something until it bends to your will.. ah yes, power corrupts. 

That’s what has made stress ball’s so popular in my opinion. You can pretend it just feels good but I know what you’re thinking. “TAKE THAT SUSAN”. 

You don’t have to name your stress ball Susan.. in my case I have a different name in mind. Okay back on target, stress balls can be great for relieving tension and getting a nice contraction of your muscle. 

They’re also very desk friendly. If someone comes by and gives a look at these you can just tell them that Easter is your favorite holiday and to not touch them. 

The Pushup

I felt compelled to include the tried and true easy way of getting blood flow through your upper body.  The push up will do that, but it is the most obvious of anything on this list. You’ll definitely get snarky comments from your coworkers.

But who’s going to be looking like Clark Kent in a few months?! You are! And they’ll be posting on Facebook about the discount they found after couponing for three days..

That was oddly specific, but you catch my drift. Even if you can’t do pushups at work, it might be a great idea to start doing 10 or so before you go out the door. That’s less than 30 seconds of your time for a nice little pick me up. 

Final Thoughts

I hope you found something that can fit on your desk and get those arms PUMPIN’. Of course none of these are going to replace the gym, but keeping your wrists and arms juiced at the office is still going to help.

If you end up looking like Popeye it’s not my fault, squeeze with caution. And if you’d like an article on what leg exercises you can do at your desk, you’re in luck .. I wrote it already!! Here you go. 

Give me a holler if any of these options worked for you 🙂

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