Affordable Home Office Desk Review 2019

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I needed a desk, badly. The fancy off the cusp IKEA monolith I’d purchased a few years ago was getting old. It was nice, just old. 

The part about desks I didn’t like, is you can get caught in this sea of minute details. For the past year I’ve been trying to minimize my life, bells and whistles were not needed.

My Computer Desk

So, I went on a search. Things that were important to me included the price, ease of assembly, quality, and how it looked. With all that said I came to purchase the desk pictured made by Coavas. Let’s check it out.

How much did it cost?

It was under $60 dollars. By the time you read this, the price may fluctuate. Hopefully it stays around there. For the amount of reviews it had that spoke positively of this model, I was feeling reassured after initially being skeptical. 

Usually in my head I associate “cheap” with anything under 100 in the world of computer furniture. Funnily enough my IKEA desk cost about 5 times as much as this one. I like this better already. 

Was it easy to put together?

Heck yes it was! I knew it looked extremely minimalist when I bought it. But, in the past I’ve had a mental undertaking when purchasing a desk. It’s going to be a pain in the behind, but it’ll be worth it after the assembly.

This was NOT the case for this model. The picture you see includes two parts. The metal frame includes 2 square pieces(the sides) and 1 rectangular piece for the length. It’s already pre-assembled. 

The only things I had to do was unfold the legs, stand it up and place the top rectangular portion on it until it snapped into place. It took me two minutes.

assembly of computer desk
The Snap into Place Hardware

See that little black piece of hardware in the bottom right corner? That’s what I mean when I say “snapped into place”. There are four of these, you simply rest them on top of the metal frame and they hold it perfectly. Easiest install of my life. 

How is the Quality of the Desk?

Surprisingly good. Before buying it, the main thing I was worried about is sturdiness.  In the past I’ve purchased things online that looked amazing, only to be let down when the package arrived on my doorstep. 

For this desk I’ve given it the “weight test” which means I pushed down on it in center to see how it would hold. Now, I wasn’t pretending I was a wrestler trying to break a table but I did give it a decent amount of force. 

It bends a little, but there was no sound and the frame held firm. Currently it has 1 Programming book(heavy), a mug, a plate, and my laptop. It’s doing just fine. As for the weight of this desk, it’s very light.

Since it’s only 2 pieces, it will be pretty easy to transport. Just fold up the legs and pack it away. Total weight: About 21 lbs

Is it visually appealing?

It looks just like it did in the photo. That’s the kind of style I’ve always liked. Darkish brown wooden tones for a desk are my ideal. Usually it’s pretty easy to tell when the particle boards have been veneered nowadays. But, for this I couldn’t see any glue lines.

I think it might be made out of another material, either way it seems pretty solid. 

In conclusion I’m blown away by how good this is for how much it cost. I’ll be adding on to this post in the future with an update, for better or worse. But, I’m optimistic. It seems like a good purchase. 

If you guys end up picking one of these off the shelves, let me know in the comments. I’d like to hear what you thought of it. 

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